A FLASH FICTION blast from the past…

Early in the beginning of the covid apocalypse when the world was just beginning to come apart, VisionCon had a flash fiction writing contest. I participated. The limit was 1000 words, and I had to respond to their prompt: “You don’t know what you do for a living. You get in the car on Monday and black out until you wake up in your driveway on Friday with $10,000”.

Here’s my story…

For Hire

Starr backed out of her driveway in her dirty blue, beater Honda in the gloomy hours of a winter Monday. Her dark web business card said, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. That covered a lot of ground. She never knew when a job would blink into her inbox, what it would be, or where it would lead her. Today was no different.

Details were sketch. As in none. She was to drive west until she got a text and follow the directions from there. Nothing was off the table. Except hurting kids and animals. That was a hard no. Otherwise, her morals were malleable. Money talked. This job tauntingly whispered $10,000 for a business week’s work. Half paid in advance? The answer was yes. The answer was always yes.

Two hours and eighteen minutes later, somewhere in Oklahoma, her phone chimed with her first text.

Turn south.

She did. Her second text arrived two hours later. McGee State Park. The plot thickened. Was she digging up a body? Burying one? Taking a hike? Having a picnic? Experience told her the first two options were more likely than the latter. Interested parties typically didn’t pay $10K for picnics. But then… the world held all kinds of crazy. Present company included.

In the five years since high school graduation, she’d seen things. Done things. She was a Jill-of-All-Trades. A girl could learn anything on the internet.

She neared the park and pulled into an empty lot. No winter campers. No volunteer in the check-in hut. Her phone chimed.

White panel van. Keys and instructions inside.

Starr scanned the dark lot. No movement. No vehicles. She pulled up and parked on the driver side of the van. The van rocked slightly with movement from inside. Her palm rested on the holstered Glock on her hip as she waited and watched to see what might come out.

When nothing or no one did come out, she sighed. Mystery was one thing. Stupidity was another. And blindly getting into a clearly occupied, windowless creeper van was the epitome of stupid. She went anyway. But around to the back doors first. Her left hand rested on the back latch, tentatively applying pressure. When the latch gave way, she flung open the door, aiming the Glock inside.

“Ahhhh,” the passenger squeaked, turning so quickly he rocked the entire van, threatening to flip it over onto its side.

Starr’s mouth fell open. Uncharacteristic but justified. She knew better than let herself be taken by surprise despite her career choice. Sitting on his haunches, eyes big as black saucers and mouth agape as well was what could only be described as Bigfoot.

They stared at one another in an eye-popping standoff until he spoke.

“Starr?” the creature asked.

Starr blinked, her mouth so dry she couldn’t seem to form a reply. She nodded.

“Oh, thank God. Well, get in. We need to be going. I’ll fill you in on the way.”

Starr’s heart thumped so hard it pulsed in her ears and temples. She took three steps back from the door, gun still focused on the creature. A red dot danced along the beast’s chest. He bent his shaggy head to look down at it.

“Listen. I’m a lot. I know. I get it.” His smooth, dark palms—like dog pads—extended toward her and turned up in supplication. “But time is of the essence. It’s a thirty-four hour drive to the Lummi Reservation. Upstate Washington. Soooo… if you could maybe hop in?”

Starr lowered her weapon, hesitated, then holstered it.

“Great!” The beast leaned forward slowly, reaching for the door and pulled it closed. She would swear to anyone who asked that he smiled as he did it. Not that anyone would ever ask.

Her number one rule of Dirty Deeds was Say Yes to the Job. Rule number two was Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

She really wished she could amend Rule #2 right now.

Starr chirped the locks on her Honda. She climbed into the van, adjusted the rearview mirror to keep an eye on her charge, and punched Lummi Reservation into Google Maps on her phone. Yep. Thirty-four hours. She hoped he didn’t need to stop for pee breaks.

Shifting the van into reverse, she glanced into the mirror again. All she saw was dark fur and two bright, shining eyes. And then he did smile. A broad toothy grin spread across his face.

“I’m Carl, by the way. On my way to meet up with my soon-to-be bride!” His excitement was palpable. “I’m sure you have so many questions.”

Starr cut her eyes to the mirror again, that goofy smile plastered across Carl’s face. Oh, she had questions, but referred to Rule #2. Of course, she couldn’t help if Carl was a Chatty Cathy for the next three days.

And boy, was he.

They pulled onto the reservation under the cover of night. She’d only stopped for the occasional gas, bathroom and snacks. Carl took care of his business in the back of the van somehow. Again, Rule #2.

When the back doors opened again, the van was backed down a gravel road that deadened against a lush Pacific Northwest forest. Carl leaned forward between the front seats. She’d gotten used to his musky smell in their time together, but this close his odor was weirdly pleasant. Like a well-loved and cared for dog. That talked.

Carl extended a plate-sized hand covered in brown shag-like hair. She took it into hers, and they shook hands, concluding their transaction. “I can’t thank you enough, Starr. I appreciate your discretion. Head back to the airport in Seattle. You’ll have a ticket back to Oklahoma waiting for you.”

Carl bailed out the back, the doors clicked shut, and she pulled out toward home.

Later, as she pulled into her driveway at home, her phone chimed. A new deposit for $5k in her bank account.

Another job well done.

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The Monsters of Mayberry COVER REVEAL!

Here it is… the cover for my new GOODWIN HOLLOW HUNTERS SERIES. The first story is The Monsters of Mayberry. The story features two sisters turned hunters after a monster is unwittingly unleashed in their small Missouri town. After a series of curious animal killings, the mystery deepens when humans become the prey.

I love monsters and with SUPERNATURAL ending this year after 15 seasons, I liked the idea of two sisters out there tracking down urban legends and monsters across the U.S.

Stay tuned… I’ll have a first chapter excerpt for you in the coming weeks. As a subscriber, you’ll get FIRST LOOK and FIRST READ. So signup here:

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We have a blurb! Reap & Reckon gets a blurb!

I’ll be honest. Blurbs are the WORST part of writing a book. I mean, you have to condense down THOUSANDS of words and HUNDREDS of pages into a couple or three paragraphs to try to entice a reader. Like I said, the worst!

BUT, I did it. Take a read and let me know what you think. Suggestions are still welcome. It’s not in stone just yet.

Reap & Reckon releases Sept. 15, 2019.

The end is here.

As Lucifer’s minions attempt to breach the city of Meridian’s weakening portals, The Reaper Authority Force faces its final battle to save humanity. Desperate to find his partner, lost in the last skirmish, RAF member Samkiel recruits an unlikely ally, Officer Victoria Moreno.

Victoria comes across a decapitated body in the chaos of what she is thinking of as her own personal zombie apocalypse, and against her better judgment, she alerts the mysteriously compelling man who asked for help in locating his missing friend.

Their discovery of a hellish new monster released upon the city, which attacks Samkiel, opens her eyes to the previously unseen supernatural horrors lurking all around her beloved city. Her faith is tested at every new and terrifying turn.

Reapers are real. Angels are real. Lucifer is real… and they’ve all converged on Meridian.

Prepare yourself for the final and most epic battle yet.

Would this blurb make you want to read?

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Read it. Saw it. Wrote it. — June Edition

Wrote it.

June was a big month for me. I began writing again in earnest after a nearly three-year break. I finished the final story of The Reaper Series and began a new episode of the Cosmic Cowboys series. 

Here’s Reap & Reckon’s cover again if you’ve somehow missed it. I think it’s my favorite of the series. Reckon will be the series wrap-up. I think I tied up all those loose ends. Whew!

Reap & Reckon has been edited by two very wonderful and capable editors and is off for proofreading. Release date is Monday, Sept. 16. Why so long? Well, I have a couple of vacations coming up. The family and I are finally heading to Glacier National Park for two weeks June 20-Aug. 3. 

Then the weekend of August 24th, I’m heading to Rocket City – Huntsville Alabama for Adult Space Academy. Yep, space camp. Fear not. There will be pictures.

Read it.

Since I started writing again, the reading has suffered. My brain and eyeballs can only do one thing at a time. Probably like yours. I did finally manage to read Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. It was a great non-fiction read about the weird intricacies of space. Things you might not think about like toilets or space dust, and how something so seemingly small can crush the souls of adventurers, even putting their lives in peril. Roach really gave the book the Michael Pollan treatment (which you should totally also read all of his books if you haven’t. They are life altering. You’ll never see food the same again). Roach’s book was thorough and funny investigative journalism. I loved it. 

Saw it.

I also finished the final season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. Jessica Jones is my favorite of all of the Netflix Marvel series’. I’m sad to see them all ending. Except for Iron Fist. That’s thirteen hours I’ll never get back. I didn’t bother with season two. Season One of Jessica Jones had the best super villain I’ve ever seen/read. Killgrave was just terrifying and charming and evil. I loved him. Season three’s villain was somehow even worse. Maybe because it was just a human. Humans are horrifying. Or can be. He was. To me at least.

Jessica is one tough and damaged chick. Also, I don’t know how her liver has survived.

If you haven’t seen it. Go. Now. Before it all goes away.

Ten stars!!!!

What are you reading and watching now?

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Deacon is just as unsettled by Ruth—and, having spent more than two hundred years ushering souls to Purgatory, Deacon is seldom shocked by anything. As he helps Ruth to understand her true nature, she awakens desires that he decided long ago a Reaper can’t afford.

A demon invasion forces Deacon to confront the darkness in his own past even as he fights to save the human souls he’s charged to protect. When he’s taken captive, his first concern is for Ruth. But Ruth just might be able to save herself—and the Reaper she can’t live without—if she can learn to wield her newfound powers.

If you can’t get enough reapers…Have you tried Darynda Jone’s Charley Davidson series? Darynda was kind enough to read and blurb Reap & Repent for me years ago. Her series is AMAZEBALLS.

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Thanks for reading!

The Art of Finishing: What Happens Now?

I used to consider myself more of a starter than a sustainer. I liked to begin things but often lost interest partway through. Over the years, I’ve finished lots more things than I’ve started, and I think it’s safe to say that tide has turned for me. There is a great satisfaction in finishing a languishing project.

That said, if a thing or situation isn’t for you, and it sucks your soul away to even think of continuing it; don’t do it anymore. Life is too short to do crap we really don’t want to do.

Reap & Reckon was a project that has haunted me for the past three years. I really needed to wrap up the series with one final book, but my heart wasn’t in writing anymore after my mom died. That last year with her was all-consuming, but I wouldn’t have traded the time we had with her for anything else.

When I put the project away, I put everything away. I packed up my desk, and folders (five years of research, stats and ideas) and stuffed them into a tote in the closet. The back of the closet. I was done.

Or so I thought.

Sometimes projects, books, people come along at just the right time to reignite and old flame. That’s what happened with Reckon. And now it’s finished.

Here’s what BEFORE/DURING the the writing of Reckon looked like after I freed it all from the CLOSET TOTE…

And here’s the after…

It took much longer than I had anticipated, but Reckon is off for editing. I’m free to start a new book. A fresh start. A do-over.

And that feels great!

If you’d like to read the series, you still have plenty of time to start. I plan for an Aug/Sept 2019 release of Reap & Reckon. You can read the entire series for FREE if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Otherwise, you can find all of my books exclusively on AMAZON. Don’t forget to leave a review when you are finished 😀


Reap on.