Spotlight on The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness by Tabitha Barret

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Q&A with Tabitha Barret:

What inspired you to write the first book?  I had this idea of the devil calling to a young woman by telling her lies, or threatening her.  She ultimately decides to join him and ends up in Hell.  He says that she is now his servant and hands her a black dress.  I was obsessed with this simple idea for decades.  I tried at least twice to write this book, but I didn’t have the genre or a fully developed concept.  Over time, I would revisit my main character in Hell and would imagine new scenarios and characters that would eventually lead to the first book.

What was your favorite part to write?  I love writing for Hades.  He has the best voice of all my characters to this point.  He can say whatever he wants and yet he’s more complicated than most people will think.  I actually wrote a scene with Hades and Michelle where they have to work together to defeat an enemy, but it didn’t fit into this book, so I moved it to Book 2.  That was my favorite to write, but my second favorite was Michelle’s interaction with Hades in the Hall of Mercy.  I originally had them in the Hall of Torment, but moved them to give them privacy so that Hades could reveal more of his true character without worrying about the other prisoners eavesdropping.

What was the hardest part to write?  The scene in the Caves of Darkness when Michelle speaks with her father was the hardest.  Creating a new history of the world was difficult, but I also had to lay the foundation for her back story.  I wrote and rewrote until I screamed.  There’s a lot that her father has to tell her and not a lot of time, so he has to give her the ugly truth of who she is while she details her experiences in Hell.  There’s a lot of emotion for both characters and it’s hard to fit everything in there.

Who is your favorite character and why?  As of Book 1, my favorite character is Hades, though I like writing for Sacha too.  Hades thinks one thing and says something else.  I’m always interested in his motivations.  He is the former Angel of Endurance who will do anything to save his backside and stay out of trouble, unless taking the beating is the lesser of the punishments and will somehow save him.  Sacha’s true identity isn’t understood right away, but he will become very important later.  I love how he can walk into Hell without being seen and does what he wants.

How do you give the characters unique voices, separate from your own?  Sometimes I have to write for a character before I start to understand their voice.  Most of the characters start out sarcastic, like myself, but after editing and revising my dialog, their true voices begin to form.  I try to understand them and base the dialog and actions on what I know about them. Michelle is confused by what is happening to her, but she learns early on that she has to fight for what she believes.  Her voice will continue along this path as the series grows. Lucifer fluctuates between insane and sweet, but always has an edge to him.  He’s paranoid that Michelle will discover all of his sins, of which there are many, so even when he is kind, he always holds something back.

Is this series considered Christian fiction?  No, my books borrows from a number of religions and mythologies, while creating its own unique world.  Yes, there is a God and angels, but they are depicted as real people with their own faults and failings.  My Harbingers, or Predznak, are dark angels who must overcome their own pain before they can fulfill their intended duties.

Book Description:
Haunted by nightmares of Hell, burdened with the gift of seeing the sins of men, and taunted by an unseen voice in her head, Michelle Black desperately tries to ignore these strange occurrences.  Unable to ignore the voice any longer, she awakens to find herself in Hell, standing before the Angel of Darkness.  He decrees that she is now his servant and hands her a black dress, the mark of his servants.

Deception comes from all sides as Lucifer professes to have fallen in love with her, while the Angel of Punishment tells her that she is nothing more than a distraction for Lucifer.  Not knowing whom to trust, she must decide her own fate.  Should she believe the Angel of Darkness with his beautiful eyes and caring touch, or the Angel of Punishment who is trying to ease her into a painless, peaceful death, free from the devil and the Realms of Torture?

Hope comes when a Heavenly Angel speaks of a rescue from Hell.  She decides to trust the angel only to learn the horrifying truth.  The gifts she ignored for so long are part of a larger destiny, a destiny that Lucifer wants to control.  Can she trust Lucifer knowing that he might use her abilities to destroy the world?  Would it be safer to accept death at the hands of the Angel of Punishment?

Michelle must decide if Lucifer’s affections for her are true, or if he is hiding his true intentions.  Can she believe his sweet words, or is he lulling her senses so that she will trust him?
“The girl had changed him considerably, which could lead to his downfall.  He knew that he was kinder when she was around.  Would he be able to rule Hell with an iron fist while still keeping her close?  Could he have it all and still be the devil?”

“She wanted to run, but she didn’t think she could outrun the devil.  Pushing him into the fire would only enrage him.  What options did she have left?  Submit to him and become what he wanted, die and leave this world behind, or was there another way?”
Tabitha-BarretBio:  Tabitha Barret graduated from Rutgers University.  She married the guy from her Creative Writing class and together they had two amazing children.  They live together in a quiet town in New Jersey with their three rambunctious dogs.  She is currently working on her series, “The Third Throne.”

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Spotlight on The Goddess’s Curse by Cara Bristol

This is such a fantastic book! Seriously, you need to read it.

My Review:

I loved this book. The Sharona women are strong (think Xena Warrior Princess) but the one thing they need for their race to survive is men. Of course, only sparingly and only when they are overcome with libidinal fever, which is their strong urge to procreate. The men, the Lahon, have their village and the women have another and never the twain shall meet until an essential, life-sustaining element puts both their tribes at risk.

Reena is a fantastically feisty heroine and the perfect counter-match for the hero, Garat. The push and pull of these two flawed humans and societies highlight the eternal battle between men and women.

As usual there was so much tension, I might have skipped ahead to find out what was going to happen!

Oh, and there is a deliciously evil villain who will surprise you for sure.

I can’t wait for the next book in this trilogy.

The Goddess’s Curse by Cara Bristol

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]


Reena sighed and snuggled in her bed. As her illness progressed, a persistent chill had pervaded her bones. The heaviest robe, the thickest blanket could not banish it. This morning? So comfortable and cozy. Her blanket, though unusually heavy, was oh so warm, and so was the pillow beneath her head. But hard. What kind of feathers could make a pillow so firm yet still tickle her nose? She rubbed her cheek against it, absorbing the unusual, pleasant scent. Musky, and earthy. Like woodsmoke or fresh evergreen. Or a combination of both.

If only every morning could be like this. She hugged her pillow. Soon an attendant would arrive to rouse her for breakfast, but maybe she’d feign sleep. Naughty. She smiled.

Then sobered. Yes, she’d been naughty. She had displeased her cousin by refusing further treatment. What had occurred after that? She crinkled her forehead, trying to remember. She’d poured out the tincture, and then…then…

A Lahon had burst from the foliage.

Then muscle cramps and searing pain. Paralysis.

Her eyes flew open. Rough-hewn walls, large, rustic furniture filled her field of vision. Gone were familiar accoutrements and luxuries. Instead of finely woven fabric,  a furry animal hide covered her, and, supporting her head, was hard flesh covered by a thick mat of…of, hair. A man’s chest.

She bolted upright with a shriek.

The Lahon sprang up without a sound.

“Help!” She tried to scramble from the bed, but he hooked an arm around her waist. “Let me go! Help!”

She slapped at his shoulders, his chest, his face. Neither blows nor screaming fazed him a bit, and she found herself flat on her back, her cries silenced by his calloused hand, her arms restrained, her lower body pinned by his heavy, muscular thigh, and something sizable and rigid poking her leg.

She stared into dark eyes. Be careful what you wish for—you may get it. She’d longed to see a Lahon up close and personal. It couldn’t get any closer than this. She could detect the pores on his face, discern that his “green” eyes were composed flecks of fern, moss, and teal, and that a muscle twitched in his square jaw. Long, unbound dark hair fell against broad shoulders.

Her heart fluttered like the wings of a frantic bird. What had happened? How had she gotten here? Where was Honna? And…and her robe? Oh Goddess. He was naked, too. That, that, thing digging into her leg was his…his manroot.

The Goddess’s Curse blurb

Sharona women and barbarian Lahon men maintain separate lives until libidinal fever strikes, and the women are forced to mate. Stricken by a mysterious terminal illness, Sharona Princess Reena jumps at the chance to accompany a cousin on her mating journey so she can at least see a Lahon before she dies.

Garat, leader of the Lahon, hates the Sharona because of the woman who birthed and killed his son years ago. Now that a massive earthquake has left his people with precious little water, he has the perfect excuse to exact revenge by driving the Sharona from their homeland and taking what the Lahon need. When he encounters Reena on the mating journey he takes her hostage to force the Sharona to capitulate to his demands, but finds himself drawn to her instead. As his desire rises, lust for revenge wanes.

But after what he’s done, can he convince her of the evil that lives in the palace in time to save her life?

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Cara Bristol 0914 smallAuthor bio:

Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently resides in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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NEW RELEASE: Reap & Reveal is out now!


Reap & Reveal New Release

By day he saves lives in the city he loves.

Can he save souls too?
Book Three in The Reaper Series Available Now 


Book Blurb:
Nate is an EMT, a witch and a newly inducted member of the Reaper Authority Force. What he’s not is a reaper. With unexplained abilities, his true nature lies somewhere in between the angels, demons and reapers he finds himself involved with. When he’s paired with the reaper Maeve, he struggles to find his place in the rising war to save the souls of Meridian and the world.

Maeve has tried to hide her reaper handicap–her toxic reaper energy–from her colleagues. But when she’s possessed by a fallen angel and forced to poach souls for Hell, her greatest weakness might be the only thing that saves her.

Nate uses his growing powers and his innate magic to find Maeve. He’ll do whatever it takes to save her, revealing more than he ever imagined in the process.



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Spotlight on The Rescued Heart by Tierney James

Today’s Spotlight is on The Rescued Heart by Tierney James

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This is your first romantic suspense. What other kinds of books do you write?

I started out writing romantic action thrillers. That is by far my favorite kind of story to read and write. I’ve written a couple of children’s books as well. I’m working on an urban fantasy right now that is really making me stretch my imagination. I love it. So as long as I can keep suspense in my stories I’ll walk (maybe run) down a lot of avenues.

How did you come to write a novel about mining in the Ozarks?

When my husband graduated from the Rolla School of Mines he took a position with the St. Joe Lead Company. It was located in Iron County in the little town of Viburnum, population 750. There were other mining companies in the area. Later St. Joe was sold and became The Doe Run Company. Everyone in several counties had some connection to the mining industry, just like in The Rescued Heart. The mining culture is unique and very protective of their way of life. My life was amazing living here and raising my children. Even today my love for this part of Missouri beats strong in my heart. Although so much of The Rescued Heart is fiction, I wanted to share a little part of the flavor of the area. Trust me. Mining can generate a great deal of romance when you don’t know if danger awaits you 1000 feet underground.

Crandall Canyon Mine

Is there a lot of mining done in Missouri?

Missouri is known for being The Show Me State. The truth is we should be known as The State of Mines. The lead industry is the largest in the world and some of the best, just like in the book.

Tell me about your characters in The Rescued Heart. There were some pretty unusual names. Is that something you would hear in the imaginary town of Westfork?

Many of the names came from local creeks, family names you could find in the phone book and even state parks. But all of the characters are fictional. There really is a Westfork, but it’s a wide place in the road. The Westfork in The Rescued Heart, is a thriving town with a town square, shopping and restaurants, nothing like the real Westfork or Viburnum.  The towns of Bunker, Salem, Farmington and Rolla really exist. But the story doesn’t revolve around them.

Does the Turnbough Lead Company compare to a real mining operation?

On the surface, I think the Turnbough Lead Company is like a real mining operation. There is a mine rescue team, safe guards to protect the miners, the descriptions of the head frame and underground is pretty true to life. However, mining is an art. All the pieces must work together to get the lead out. The sounds, smells, the tailings pond, those are many things you’d find. Having one person own and operate mines of this magnitude, well those days are gone. The danger is real but nothing like coal mining. I’ve been underground and I was amazed how huge and cavernous the lead mines are. Truly, dinosaurs could walk around without bumping their heads.

What kind of research did you have to do, especially about mine accidents?

Because I lived and worked in this community for 25 years, the topic of conversation usually turned to mining at home, church and social gatherings. It’s easy to absorb a great deal of information when you live and eat lead dust. But my husband helped me a great deal with technical terms, processes, and routines of the working miner. I couldn’t have done it without him. Reading some geology and mining books also helped.

Living in a mining community must present a unique educational experience. What kind of things changed your life?

We lived 60 miles from everywhere. The saying in Viburnum was “We don’t live at the end of the world, but you can see it from where we live.” Most of us moms had to drive to Farmington, a good hour drive, to have a baby or take the kids to the doctor. We were notorious for taking a sick kid to the doctor then going to Wal-Mart for groceries because our biggest store was about the size of a Dollar General. If you wanted to go to the movies, McDonalds or shop you had to plan ahead. Being isolated in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest we didn’t even get the flu like other places. The community was very family centered because we didn’t have a choice. No cell towers, movie theaters or YMCA in Viburnum. Kids played ball, hunted, fished and went to church picnics. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts was a big draw. I loved it!

Where can readers learn more about mining? is a board I created on Pinterest. I think if people give it a look they’ll get a mental picture of mining in the Ozarks. That should be a good launch spot to see what direction to go.  Also try Missouri Mining or The Doe Run Company. Rock quarries are also under the umbrella of mining so don’t forget to check those resources as well.

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Other books by Tierney James:

zombie meatloaf superhero library unlikely hero

Winds of Deception is due out June 8th.


Tierney James 2Author Bio:

Tierney James is a former Solar System Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab as well as a former geography teacher. Besides working on a Native American reservation, floating the Okavango Delta of Botswana, Africa and visiting The Great Wall of China, she has spent time at Space Camp for Educators and volunteering her time for Friends of the Library board. Living in a mining community for many years led to writing the novel, The Rescued Heart, a romantic suspense.  Between traveling, gardening and writing, Tierney serves as an officer for Sleuth’s Ink, a mystery writing group. Creating a writing workshop for beginning writers is her latest project.

Sunday Excerpt from Reap & Reveal

Reveal 3D psd copyI wanted to give you a little taste of REAP & REVEAL, book three, in The Reaper Series but the problem is, I don’t want to REVEAL too much if you’re just starting the series. With that in mind, I thought Chapter Four was reasonably safe.

REAP & REVEAL is available on pre-order now at Amazon and will release next Sunday on Easter. Enjoy!





Chapter Four

The reaper kitchen was part Animal House, part Army mess hall, and part The Waltons. It was clear to Nate which part the reaper Raguel fell into as he tried to impress the three women of the household by tossing pizza dough into the air.

“You see? Nothing to it. A child could do it.” Ragu caught the dough over his arm and let it slide gently to the granite tabletop.

“A child is doing it,” Samkiel offered, accepting the full wrath of Ragu’s playful glare.

“Ah, but you’ll be begging for more very soon, my friend. Once you’ve had Ragu’s saucy meat and dough, you won’t go back to any other.”

A brief moment of stunned silence followed, and then laughter exploded around the room. It had been a long time since most of them had had anything to laugh about. Even Ruth was in the kitchen tonight, although in a wheelchair, visibly pregnant and under the fierce eye of Temperance, her guardian angel. Or more accurately, the unborn child’s guardian angel.

Even though Ruth was only four-and-a-half months along, she was advancing quickly. Maybe reaper pregnancies were different. Deacon had been no help in that department. Being born himself was his only source of knowledge on the matter. Besides, the guy was scared to death with worry over her most of the time, so even gentle questioning nearly pushed him into full-blown paranoia. Nate had learned to get his answers elsewhere.

He’d been caring for Ruth as best as he could, getting occasional advice from the OBGYN at Oakland Hospital since St. Mary’s Hospital was out of commission. Permanently.

The media has pegged the disaster as an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line. It was the biggest disturbance that had been measured since 1811. The building wasn’t even salvageable and demolition had already begun. The place was sorely missed in the community.

Being at the city’s epicenter, it had also cared for a steady stream of homeless people who were now so far from Oakland’s ER, the EMTs and several off-duty docs and nurses had formed a team of their own to offer triage and minor care in an empty warehouse clinic nearby the former hospital’s location.

Olivia had been a mitigating force behind the group’s formation, and she had even set up a free kitchen that fed the homeless downtown. Kylen had forbidden her to conduct any nighttime visits. Not that Nate could blame him after what had happened the last time she was downtown alone.

Nate sat heavily on a chair, as exhausted as if he hadn’t slept at all. Of course, with those dreams of Maeve, it almost felt as though he hadn’t.

“’Bout time you turned up in here.” Deacon crossed the room and took a seat next to him. “What happened to you last night? We debriefed after everyone got in, but Oreo said he saw you head straight to your trailer. What gives?”

Bo circled, chasing his tail three times around, then settled onto the floor beside him, resting his head on Nate’s lap with a sigh.

Nate threaded his hand through the hellhound’s fur. “Just didn’t feel like recapping a night full of failure.”

“It’s more than that. We need to keep track of how many demons we see, how many we kill, how many are potentially left. We’ve made a real dent these past few months. We need to keep the pressure on. Which means every pair of eyes is important. Yours included.”

Nate felt every pair of said eyes in the compound settle upon him.

“You know Bo and I weren’t looking for demons, Deacon.” Nate stared hard at the reaper.

They’d had this conversation several times. Deacon was the leader of the reapers now. The Powers. But he wasn’t Nate’s boss. Not really, because Nate wasn’t a reaper.

The rest of the Authority crew could now enter and travel through the consecrated subway from unconsecrated ground. They could also consume the unhosted demons, destroying them in a permanent manner as a result of their allegiance to the Authority. And a few had other gifts. Like the ability to transport the wanderers to a holding cell in Purgatory.

Those gifts were a little bit special. While Nate had always been able to travel through the consecrated subway from wherever he pleased, he did not share most of their other gifts. The dreams were new, however, and he needed to tell Deacon about it… Still, he couldn’t bring himself to lay it bare before the entire group.


“Don’t start with me, Deacon. If it was Ruth out there, your priorities would be elsewhere, as well.”

“It’s not just that we need you and Bo to track demons for us, Nate. We can’t protect you if you’re out there doing the Lone Ranger thing.”

“Bo is with me. He can protect me. You’ve seen him shred a demon.” Bo gave a little whine in agreement and licked Nate’s pant leg.

“I agree that finding Camael is imperative. It’s your methods that worry me. What will you do if you do find her without us to back you up? Bo may be enough to protect you from a few demons, but you won’t stand a chance against Camael alone. At least stay within sight or sound of one of the teams. Promise me that.”

Nate shook his head. “I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

“Dammit, Nate—”

“Pizza’s ready! Dinner…is served.” Ragu pulled a steaming pizza out of the former fireplace turned wood-fired oven to cheers of appreciation.

Nate’s stomach growled. Deacon gave him one last hard look and retreated back to Ruth, filling a plate with pizza for her as he made his way through the food line. Nudging Bo’s twenty-pound head off his lap, Nate joined the back of the line. He was starving.

Ruth’s close encounter with a reaper coma had been all he needed to convince him to take care of himself. So far, knock on wood, he hadn’t needed to replenish anyone since they’d set up the new compound. Even though the other reapers acted like a bunch of frat boys in their free time, they were dead serious about maintaining their health and their strength.

Each had been chosen for their particular skill set by Grim himself and recruited to the Authority. Except for Maeve, who was fairly new, and Ruth, who was brand-spanking-new, the rest of them had been reapers for well over a hundred years each. Deacon and Kylen were two hundred plus some change. The only active reaper older than them was Grim. Yes, the Grim Reaper. Grim had enjoyed the sunset of his career mostly free of demon activity. But now that was in the past.

Thinking of nasty demons brought Nate full circle, back to the puzzle of what to do about Maeve. How was he ever going to be able to anticipate where she would be next? He certainly wasn’t going to be able to capture her and exorcise the angel if he couldn’t lay physical hands on her. Camael was too smart to walk onto a demon trap even if it could hold him. Besides, Nate had only successfully accomplished that once—with a demon. He’d never trapped an angel. Didn’t even know if it was possible.

It had to be possible. After all, for every yin there was a yang, right?

Last in line, he grabbed a slice of pizza and tossed it over to Bo, who snatched it from the air and swallowed it in one gulp.

     Damn, that dog can eat.

Nate piled three more face-sized slices onto his own plate, stacking them like pancakes and headed back to his chair. He almost made it, too.

Then his head exploded.

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There will be at least one more book in this series.

Look for Reap & Reckon in 2016.


Reap & Repent now available on Audible

Surprise! Reap & Repent is now available as an audio book. You can find it here:


Reap & Repent Audible pic

Old cover, but the same great story.

It was sort of a surprise. I really didn’t think it would ever happen, but it did :D

Spotlight on Breaking All Barriers by Cait Jarrod

breaking all barriers banner


Bperf5.000x8.000.inddreaking All Barriers

By Cait Jarrod

Release Date: March 13, 2015

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Can a single kiss change your life?


Businessman Cole Dunbar stays focused inventing the latest techno gadgets. When he learns of his deceased wife’s betrayal, he shuts the door on any personal relationships. There’s just one problem—the sexy Dina Wright who lives down the hall. He can’t keep her out of his thoughts and fantasies. When he sees her frightened on a New York City street, he tosses aside his reservations and reaches out to her.

Dina is high on life. Not only is she starting an advertising agency and her best friend is returning to NYC, an honest-to-God hunk is sending her spine-tingling looks. Despite past betrayals interfering, the budding romance picks up momentum, but Mother Nature spins her wrath. Amidst the chaos, Dina vanishes.

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A single gunshot echoed in the night.

An invisible death-grip tightened his throat. The road and buildings warped. Sound faded. Cole’s fear came to fruition, the worst moment of his life.

He needed eyes on Dina now!

Cole forced his legs to move faster into the darkness. The small amount of glow, seeping around the trailer from the junker’s headlights, gave him a visual to the only other intact car, parked next to the overturned truck.

The cloud pattern shifted and the moon brightened the darkened sky. Beyond the downed trailer, demolished truck, past the crinkled unmarked car, hope soared, clenching Cole’s heart and stealing his breath. He stopped and stared, not sure if he could believe his eyes.

The moon spotlighted Dina standing in the middle of the wreckage, staring at the road, her body shaking. Fright and pain visible in her profile felt like a bullet to his chest, forcing the wind out of his lungs and weakening his muscles.

Her gaze left whatever caught her attention and she peered over her shoulder. Their eyes locked. In that moment of time, no one else existed, not the swirling bright blue and red lights approaching or the loud sirens demanding attention.

Too afraid if he ran, his legs would give out from the overwhelming emotions, he walked toward her.

Not moving her gaze from his, she pulled her lips inward and wiped a hand across her face. She’d been through so much. Instinctively, he wanted to pull her to him, feel her warmth against his chest. Afraid sudden movement might scare her, he tempered his urge and stopped in front of her. “Awe, babe.” He stroked a finger down her cheek and searched her face.

Tears welled in her eyes, and something more frightening smeared across her skin—a reddish-brown color—blood

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Wild Rose Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

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Kidnapped Hearts – Band of Friend Series, Book 1

Mystic Hearts-Band of Friend Series, Book 2

Entangled Love

Girl Code anthology, releasing Spring 2015


About the Author:

From writing ‘every girl’s dream heroes’ to ‘strong, down-to-earth heroines,’ Cait Jarrod twists ‘cliff hanging plots’ and ‘clever, unpredictable sub-plots’. She loves diving into a good book as much as she loves writing one.

Mother of three gorgeous daughters, she’s married to her best friend, hangs out with the WWC—a great group of women, and loves a good glass of wine.

Cait’s debut novel, Kidnapped Hearts, won awards in the categories of Best Happily Ever After, Best Suspense, and Editor’s Choice. She also made the Amazon Best Sellers list.

Contact or follow Cait Jarrod:

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NEW RELEASE Reap & Redeem

Reaper Readers…Book Two is LIVE on Amazon!!!

I was going to wait until May.

I couldn’t wait.

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Can a reaper who has given up on salvation rediscover his mission—and his heart?

REAP & REDEEM. Dark Fantasy.

Redeem 3D jpg


Work In Progress: Space Cowboys & Indians

shutterstock_64087615I may have gone slightly mad.

I’ve been working feverishly on a sci-fi romance, which I’ve named Space Cowboys & Indians. So far, it’s been really fun. I’m a couple hundred words shy of 20K and expect it to end up around 60K, which is near 250 pages. It will be available in e-book and print sometime this year.

SC&I is a mashup of the movies Cowboys vs Aliens meets Six Days Seven Nights.

bef00834-a4da-365c-af09-52d29bd99392  meets 1c95593e-c9b4-342d-a93e-f7c93fae475a

Right now, my hero and heroine still hate each other. That’s fixin’ to change :D

Be prepared for space tourism, asteroid mining, Mescalero Apache Indians, aliens, Roswell, NM, time travel and romance. I see it as a trilogy.

You can find my Pinterest Inspirational Book Board here

I hope you’ll join me as I boldly go where I’ve never gone before.

What’s your favorite sci-fi book or movie?