Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Repeat.

First off, I’d like to give huge thanks to my editor, Angela Polidoro, for her saint-like patience in editing my first novel, Reap & Repent. The woman is the Word Whisperer. For reals.

Angela sent me three pages of structural edits to help me get my sometimes random and errant plot in line. I’m a pantser. Or at least I was on the first book. A pantser just starts writing with a vague idea of where the story may or may not go then continues forward until the end.

Yeah. That was book one.

Angela labored meticulously over my book, pulling the gems forward and giving me gentle suggestions of ways to solve my plot problems.

I did everything she said and basically rewrote/restructured the second half of the book. It’s much better.

Then came the line edits. Holy. Cow. She would give Job a run for his money in patience. I happily accepted all of her suggestions and tried to find some rhyme to reason or common denominator in her edits so I could do better next time. I don’t know if she laughed more or cried more during what had to be painfully tedious revisions.

I emailed her and asked for any common things I could try to avoid next time to save her sanity. She just said,” Everyone needs a good polish!”

Bless her heart.

She’s the best and most positive cheerleader. She’s obviously worked with dozens of emotionally needy authors and knows how to soothe our savage insecurities.

I promised her I could do better.

She already has book two. I think my plot/story is better in book two. It’s a darker book, which I totally dig. More of a J.R. Ward vibe (I hope) as opposed to the little quirkier vibe of book one. I suppose I’ll know soon since she’s reading it now.

I only have 800 words written on book three so far, but I do have five pages of notes.

Slowly but surely, I’m upgrading to a plotter. See…I can learn.

God help me.

God help us all.


3 Responses to Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Repeat.

  1. A great editor can make all the difference, and it sounds like you’ve got one!

  2. Ha ha. Love the closing lines. R&R is a fantastic story and it’s great that you’ve got such a devoted editor. The book and you deserve it!

  3. You gave a wonderful description of the editing process. It’s such a humbling experience. A good editor is worth her weight in gold.