Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Reaper Like Me?

Reapers are not the cloaked, skeletal figures of legend. Or HalloweenCostumes.com If you want to see a reaper, look at my banner on the top of this website. Yeah, not too bad, right?

And the Grim Reaper is not a supernatural Santa Claus, collecting all of the souls in the world in need of reaping. There are LOTS of reapers and they are nothing like any of these costumes.

Since the normals might freak out if you walk around in your street clothes while carrying a real scythe on Halloween, visiting graveyards, hospitals and funeral homes looking for souls to collect… Here are a few costumes I found to get you by.

This one they call Adult Grim Reaper. I shudder to think there might be a real child grim reaper somewhere (shades of Gage from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary anyone?). Of course all reapers are adults. Don’t be ridiculous.

Thankfully, my reapers will never look like this. Reapers stop aging after their first successful reaping which usually happens late twenties to early thirties.


Then there’s the Winged Reaper. The wings are a nice touch but not true. Only angels have wings, silly. And what’s up with the bedazzled scythe Martha Reaper?

winged reaper

Of course, we can’t forget the EXCLUSIVE Sexy Reaper. As if fishnets and high heels were conducive to soul collecting through graveyards. Or demon hunting. Which happens. A lot.

Sure there are lots of female reapers, but many of them grow up to become Valkyries. And none of them dress like this girl.

Sexy reaper

And that scythe is clearly not a supernatural weapon. It looks as dull as a political convention. Put some shine to that thing!

One last note: the scythe isn’t used in the actual reaping. It’s used in the event of a demon encounter. Think on that for a while.

Happy Haunting!




2 Responses to Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Reaper Like Me?

  1. Light and informative post. I did not know what reapers used the scythe for, I can’t wait to read your series!