Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Two 5-Star reviews from the Paranormal Romance Guild for the Reaper Series.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Two 5-Star reviews from the Paranormal Romance Guild for the Reaper Series.

I sent in Reap & Repent and Reap & Redeem for consideration months and months ago to the Paranormal Romance Guild. Then promptly forgot about it.

Which meant I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email saying Reap & Repent was in consideration for Best Urban Fantasy and both books were up for Best Urban Fantasy Series. Voting ensued. Again.

If you know my story, you know all about THE BIG CONTEST and VOTING, which launched my career.

I wasn’t holding my breath. But then…this happened!

2014 2nd 2014 3rd

PLUS two 5-STAR REVIEWS from the Paranormal Romance Guild. Now that’s LEGIT! 😀

Redeem 3D copy


Different covers, but same great stories. Oh, and did you know you can PRE-ORDER the REAP & REPENT relaunched book one of the Reaper Series now until release day March 3 for only 99¢?? Tis true.

Come and get your love.





Novel:  Reap & Repent

Series:  The Reapers – Book 1

Author:  Lisa Medley

Publisher:  Harlequin

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Romance

Rating:  Adult

2nd Place Winner: 

Best Urban Fantasy Novel


3rd Place Winner Best Urban Fantasy Series

2014 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards


All her life Ruth Scott, has been able to read the energy of every person she meets. She can read their auras. Each color represents a different emotion, yellow is happy, green is peaceful, and the worst is white, which means death. Now she finds herself in a hospital where her mother, her last living relative is dying. All her life Ruth and her mother have been at odds. When she first told her mother about seeing other people’s auras, her mother turned away from her.

When Ruth lost her father, she lost the only person who really loved her. Since his death she and her mother have been estranged, but she will not let her mother die alone. After her mother dies, she leaves to make arrangements for her funeral when she knocks into a man, Deacon Walker, a reaper and on the way to retrieve Ruth’s mother’s soul. It hits her right away that the man has no aura and she isn’t sure what that means. In the meantime, Deacon realizes Ruth is more than a human since she, too, has no aura. It is possible she is a reaper like him, but is totally in the dark about what she is?

Deacon ushers souls to purgatory, at the same time he battles demons who try to poach souls to take to Hell. He has to find Ruth and figure out what she is. If she is a reaper, he has to train her. With more and more demons showing up, they can use all the reapers they can get. When Deacon confronts Ruth, she realizes her life will never be the same. When Deacon discovers Ruth was adopted, it becomes clear why she was never told about what she is.

Deacon takes Ruth on her first trip to purgatory to indoctrinate her about her new position. While there, they run into Kylen. Kylen and Deacon were once best friends, until Kylen made a deal with a demon. He was willing to allow the demon to inhabit his body if the woman he loved, Kara’s, soul was sent to purgatory instead of Hell. When she was killed, the demon managed to procure her soul before Deacon or one of the other reapers could. He made a deal with the devil, and now he is lost to Deacon. Deacon has never given up hope he can save his friend.

Deacon and Ruth enlist the help of Nate, a witch who is able to place a protective shield around Ruth’s house. Once Kylen discovered Ruth’s importance to Deacon, she became a target. Deacon and Ruth fall in love, but they are constantly fighting off demons. When Deacon is taken to Hell, Ruth knows she needs Nate and Kylen to free him. But first they have to free Kylen from the demon. Ruth has a lot ahead of her and she needs to learn about being a reaper very quickly, because time is not on her side.

I loved this story and especially the characters. There was romance, sex, demons, angels, reapers, and even a witch. It was a constant battle of good against evil and war is on the horizon. In spite of it all, there was always a touch of humor. There were also some tense scenes, especially those that take place in Hell. The author does a great job of scaring the heck out of you with her description of Hell. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to start the next one. There is no cliffhanger, and to that I say HOORAY!


Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team




Novel: Reap & Redeem

Series: Reaper – Book 2

Author: Lisa Medley

Publisher: Harlequin

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance

Rating: Adult     


In book two of the Reaper series, we are once again reunited with Nate, Ruth, Deacon, and Kylen, who was finally freed from the demon who had possessed him. Ruth and Nate were able to save Kylen, only in this book we learn what his freedom meant to him and how he is handling it. He was possessed for a hundred years, so it is unknown if the evil he lived with is completely gone. Does he still have a link to the dark side?

Now that he is free, he has only two desires, a death wish and revenge. He has become a demon killing machine and killing them is all he has left. He still mourns for Kara, the woman whose soul he saved when he allowed the demon to possess his body. He is also angry with Deacon, the man who was his best friend. Deacon had promised to never allow a demon to take control of his body. He would do his best to kill the demon and release Kylen from his possession, only it was something Deacon couldn’t get himself to do because he never stopped believing he could save his friend.

One night Kylen hears screams coming from an alley. When he arrives, there is a demon about to possess a girl. Kylen saves her life and brings her to Ruth’s house where it doesn’t take long for them to realize she is surrounded by a white aura and is near death. Her name is Olivia and she has a rare form of bone cancer that is killing her. Since his freedom, Kylen has lost his ability to see auras and can no longer see colors. His world is all in shades of grays until he holds Olivia’s hand. When he touches her, he realizes that he is giving her his energy. He, in turn, can see the colors around him. When he is not touching her his world is once again gray.

Nate, Ruth, and Deacon are now all living together and Kylen has a trailer outside their house. He still feels a connection to Hell and to the Imps that keep following him and taking his orders. Is he willing to give himself over to good? Is he still fighting not going back to the evil he lived with for one hundred years?

Deacon has been promoted and is now able to consume the demons. They can finally be destroyed before taking a new body. War is coming; more and more demons are showing up. Portals are popping up all over and the Reapers are having a tough time fighting them all. In spite of the infusions of energy from Kylen, Olivia is losing her battle with cancer. Once again is filled with anger. How can the powers that be allow her to fall into his life and then make him care about her? Is he once again going to have to watch a woman he cares about die?

There is trouble brewing. Evil is trying to take over and good is fighting them tooth and nail. On the brighter side, Ruth is pregnant and a new life is on its way. I loved watching Kylen’s fight to not give into his dark side. I loved watching how he tried desperately not to fall in love with a woman who he knows he will soon lose. Nate has become part of the family and is joining in the fight in any way he can. Although there is no doubt the book will continue to follow all the characters the book does have a good ending.


Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

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  1. Avatar Phyllis Estep
    Phyllis Estep says:

    So happy for you Lisa. Your books are great!! Keep it up. Dream big and you will make it. You have a great way of keeping the story going and interesting and by the time your done reading it’s like you know the characters in your books.

  2. An honor well deserved. These books are great.

  3. How exciting! So glad they made their way to reading them! They are GREAT books with well crafted characters who get under your skin and make you care about them!!!