Welcome to the World, Reap & Repent. Book Release Day is Here!

Welcome to the world, Reap & Repent.

Now that my book is out in the world, I thought I’d share some of the rules of my reaper world.

Reaper Rules: The Basics

How will you know if you meet a reaper? Two ways. One you’re dead already and it will become obvious rather quickly or two…you’ll never know. Reapers blend into the background. You may have already crossed paths with one. If you did, and you’re reading this now (which means you are NOT dead), you’ll never remember him.

You’ve probably heard the stories of the “mysterious angel” who showed up at the scene of an accident and lifted the car off a child, pulled a driver to safety, saved a drowning person, _____________ (fill in the blank), and then disappeared. No one got a description. No one took a photo. No one remembers clearly what the helpful stranger actually looked like.

There’s a good chance they met a reaper on his way to or from collecting a soul.

There are two rules of survival as a reaper:

  1. Keep your energy.
  2. Keep your head.

Everything else is survivable, but it also means that even reapers aren’t immortal. They can live for a long time but usually flame out after a couple of centuries. Ferrying the dead is a soul-sucking job (pun intended).

Reaping is a full-time proposition with a human population over seven billion. And that doesn’t even count all of the other creatures with souls that need reapers. Yeah, there are reapers for every creature with a soul. And they all meet in one place. Purgatory.

While they might not all get along topside, Purgatory is supernatural Switzerland. Forced détente. Conflict will get you smited lickedy-split.

And no one enjoys a smiting.

Want to read more? Reap & Repent, from Harlequin E, now available at all ebook retailers.


Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy my world and reapers.


7 Responses to Welcome to the World, Reap & Repent. Book Release Day is Here!

  1. I loved the world you created. Congratulations on your big day! Woot!

  2. Avatar Chris Cannon
    Chris Cannon says:

    Sounds like a great series. I FB’d and tweeted.

  3. So happy for you, Lisa! Congratulations!

  4. You’re my first. Kindle ebook that is. Yep, just downloaded it and will enjoy reaping (yes!) the writing talents of my good friend! The price did dip into my entertainment budget a bit (hee!), but heck, you’re worth it. Enjoy the .30 cent profit from my purchase and don’t spend it all on one piece of bubblegum! We are SO proud of you….just think, this moment wasn’t even on your radar 2 years ago and now look at you. Champagne corks are coming your way….

  5. Even the rules are fun to read. Fantastic!