To the Moon and back…THE ASTRONAUT’S PRINCESS #Sexy #ScFi #Adventure

I did a lot of research for my Cosmic Cowboys Series and came across tons of crazy posts. But this little video is so weird, I had to share it.

You see, the main impetus behind the Cosmic Cowboy Series is that a bazillionare wants to be the first to offer space travel and build a hotel on the Moon. Along the way to fulfilling his dream, lots of things go wrong. Things like wormholes and time travel and aliens and…well, I’m not going to give it ALL away.

Did you know that there have been several companies working toward those goals of space tourism and moon hotels? Every few years, another one announces their intentions. Remember the promises of jet packs? I’m still waiting on those.

Check these out:

What happened to Hilton’s ‘hotel on the Moon’?

Space Vacation: Orbiting Hotel Ready For Guests by 2016

Flights of Fancy: Virgin Galactic Plans Space Hotels, Day Trips to the Moon

Are you ready to sign up? Perhaps an armchair adventure would be better?

Brace for impact. The Astronaut’s Princess is landing

on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited Feb. 16.



Book Blurb:

Astronauts, Aliens, and Apaches? What could possibly go wrong?

Working for a billionaire space entrepreneur has its perks:  a nice paycheck, free room and board, and all the space flight hours a guy could want. But everything has a price.  Astronaut Noah Wright has survived an alien attack, time travel and a wormhole, but the Apache princess he brought back through time may be the death of him.

Ela, only daughter of Chief Itza-Chu of the Mescalero Apaches, finds herself out of place and out of time. Everything she knows of her early 1800’s life has vanished. Her savior and protector, Noah, is kind, but he’s not her family and certainly not Apache. Her only wish is to get home, but returning through the wormhole that brought her to the future threatens more than her past, causing her to have to rediscover what home really is.


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