The Reaper Series Settings: Cities, Churches, Chapels, Houses & Hospitals

Today’s post is the last in the settings and location series. All places and locations in Reap & Repent are of course fictional, but I based many of them on real locations I’ve traveled to or visited many times. Here are a few of the places you’ll visit with me in Reap & Repent.

Meridian – the city of the demon invasion and the Deacon’s reaping territory.

  • Located in Steele County, Arkansas
  • Spiritually porous ground zero.
  • Most religious institutions per capita and acreage of any city its size in the world.
    • 12 Funeral homes
    • 28 urban cemeteries
    • 265 recognized churches
    • Easily traveled by reapers and other supernatural entities.


St. Mary’s Hospital – the hospital where Nate works, where Ruth’s mother died and where Deacon and Ruth meet for the first time.

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St. Mary’s Chapel – the hospital chapel within St. Mary’s Hospital where the reapers travel to and from.

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

She smiled, circling her arms around his waist and stretching up for a kiss. He pulled her close and deepened the kiss. She almost forgot to concentrate on the hallway at all, but the next thing she knew they were spinning and swirling as her head grew light and swimmy. When she opened her eyes, they were inside the chapel at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Deacon grinned down at her. “See, no big deal.”

Right, she thought.

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St. Agnes Catholic Church – the church where the first demon portal opens.

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

She walked nearly eight blocks before it began to sprinkle down a light rain. Spotting St. Agnes Cathedral, she headed that way. It was a Catholic church, and it was most likely locked up tight at this time of the night, but she had to give it a try. She was ready to go home. They’d done all they could for Kylen at this point. Right now, his care was beyond their abilities. He needed his physical injuries to be tended to by professionals, and then they could bring him back home and help him recover more quickly. The quicker the better. 

Huntsbury – city of Ruth’s youth .

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

“Huntsbury was a small town suburb of Meridian, about twenty-five miles away, with a population hovering near 5,000. She could pretty much accomplish everything she needed there.”

 IMG_2479 (1024x631)

Ruth’s House: her childhood home on 10 acres of woods adjacent to a patchwork of national forest.

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

Late Saturday night, she pulled down the long tree-lined driveway to her childhood home. It was actually uncomfortable to even call it “home.” It certainly hadn’t ever felt homey. Love makes a house a home and this house had not had that necessary ingredient for a long time.

A bungalow, she supposed.

Realtors would use words like “charming” and “quaint.” It was actually a turn of the century, rock-sided house. Ruth always thought of it as a giraffe house because the large, flat sandstones that were mortared to its frame on all sides looked like the sides of a prehistoric giraffe.

This house once represented the hopes and dreams of her parents. Now it was much like her mother had been: functional but barely. It boasted all the basic trappings of a home—plumbing, electricity, furnishings—but it lacked any sort of warmth or personality because her mother gave up on it, as well as her daughter.

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