The Reaper Series: Demons & Imps & Angels. Oh My!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Here’s a guide for book one, Reap & Repent, from Harlequin E, now available at all e-book retailers.

Demons: born of hell from the residue of damned souls.

  • Must inhabit a body (human) to walk the Earth otherwise in Hell they take the shape their master commands (only limited to his whim and imagination).
  • Can collect souls to steal for Hell but only one maybe two per body because their essence burns through a human body within a day or so. Quicker with more souls.
  • Cannot travel the consecrated subway or pass onto consecrated ground unless they ride a reaper.
  • Demons do not have a soul of their own.
  • Their essence never dissipates unless consumed by Grim.
  • If their host is decapitated or ruined, they bail out and stream to another host.

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

The demon struggled to stay inside of the host body, but with no life force, there was nothing to keep it tethered. It streamed out and off to the balcony. Hovering in a formless black mist over the railing, it seemed hesitant to go any further into the red fog. There were worse things than death. 

Imps: Also born of Hell and demon minions which do their bidding. Look like black cats to non-supernatural and human entities.

  • Toad-like monsters with row up on row of needle sharp teeth. Can dispatch of and eat a human body in seconds.
  • Imps do not have souls.
  • Can be killed by decapitation

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

It took her eyes a few seconds to connect with her brain and formulate a response to the slimiest, foulest smelling, toad-like creature she could ever have imagined. The creature rose from the ashes to its full height of two feet, shook itself like a dog shaking off water and bared an impressive and terrifying collection of needle-pointed, three-inch long teeth.

Angels: Most are born of heaven, others ascend through promotions.

Excerpt from Reap & Repent

“The guy in the purple robe is the angel Rashnu. The guy on the other end of the station? Also Rashnu. He’s split himself into two because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job right. He’s the sorter. The gates of Hell and Heaven are locked up tight. No soul gets through Purgatory except with his blessing. He’s rarely wrong, but once in a while a soul gets kicked back and…well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen today.”

Guardian Angels: Assigned to special cases. Low level angels

Fallen Angels: Considered fallen when they abandon Heaven and become consumed with the forces of evil and Hell.

Hellhound: Tracks demons and other supernatural nasties. Can dispatch and eat a body for disposal if needed. A hapless pet when not on the job.

Want to read more? You can buy Reap & Repent, available now from all e-book retailers. Don’t fear the reapers. My reapers are hot, hot, hot. You may not be that sad to meet one someday.








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  1. I love the world you created for this series.

  2. I had no idea a hellhound was a good doggie.