The Reaper Series: Contract Two Is On Its Way!

Last Friday I got word that the contract, if not the check, is in the mail for book two, Reap & Redeem. It’s amazing to realize that this thing is actually happening.

While I am still awaiting a release date for book one, Reap & Repent, the copyedits are finished, and my input (except for the cover suggestions) is all but over. The thing is being typeset as we speak.

Elvis has left the building.

It’s both exciting and terrifying, because very soon people will be actually READING my stuff and scarier yet…reviewing it online. Eek!

I’ve jumped into the writing of book three, Reap & Reveal and am currently sitting at 22K. For all my planning, this book has developed much slower than the previous two. In fact the writing seems to be creeping along at an excruciating pace. Why some books are easier to write than others is a mystery I haven’t had enough experience to solve yet. But you can bet I’ll keep trying.

I had to give a projected date of completion for book three…um, erm…Oct. 31?

That would be the fastest I’ve completed writing a book. A lot of magic is going to need to happen between now and Halloween.

Next time you think, “Geez, why doesn’t {insert favorite author’s name here} write more than one book a year! I hate waiting!”, trust me…we hate waiting too.

From what I can figure out, most of being an author is WAITING. Oh sure there’s the actual writing, but AFTER that? It’s all waiting. The wheels of fiction grind slowly my friend. Even those maverick indie publishers have their fair share of waiting.

The really amazing news…Harlequin Digital First wants the next few books in the series as well. I haven’t even thought them up yet! But I will…

{heads off to look for that magic wand}

16 Responses to The Reaper Series: Contract Two Is On Its Way!

  1. I’m sending uber-writing vibes your way. You can do it. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

  2. I’m so excited about HQ wanting MORE reapers. There can never be enough reapers. See how they think you’re going to be a success? Can’t wait for the cover reveal either! So… is champagne at 10:00 during critique going too far?

  3. You are in such a good position though. Your series is contracted. Two are completed. When they finally are published, they will be released at an optimal time. Can’t wait to read them.

  4. enjoy the ride. You have worked hard and still are. You deserve it. Rock on……

  5. Hi Lisa!   This is Jenni from Bolivar, MO.  Congratulations!  That is fantastic news! And very inspiring for me. I absolutely cannot wait to read your books.  Especially since I am writing in the paranormal romance genre too.  Mine would probably be considered a crossover genre book.  But, I have to write it  and finish it first! LOL    I am joining ORA this month, yeah!  I may not be able to get to the meetings, which really is discouraging, but I will do as much as I can on the internet. : )     Congratulations again, Lisa!  And have a happy and safe 4th of July!!   Jenni Coe


  6. I’m loving watching your success. So exciting! And your “excruciating pace” still sounds pretty speedy to me.

  7. Yay. So exciting for you.