That time I wanted to quit writing so I started four books instead


Writing is hard.

Marketing is harder.

I’m just going to be honest here. I pretty much want to quit writing about every other week/day/hour. Thankfully, I have several good writerly and readerly types who talk me off the ledge time and time again.

I quit this week. For an entire week, I made up my mind that I was done. It just wasn’t worth the hassle. I didn’t promo tweet. I didn’t write. I watched TV and sat on my couch crocheting cat butt coasters.

Not even kidding.

Hell, no one would really even notice that I’d quit except for Jennifer who asks me about Reap & Reckon, book four of my Reaper Series, EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE HER.

Not gonna lie. That feels good.

Every time I think about quitting, someone sends me a curiously timed note of encouragement or an awesome review. Maybe it’s the Universe, nudging me to keep going.

Even during the week I quit, I couldn’t turn off the stories. So many stories. Of course, most of them are just ideas. Sparks in the dark. The work of turning them into more is both exhausting and magical. When books are selling, it’s rewarding and exciting. When they aren’t?

Yeah, that’s when I want to quit.

Sometimes I wonder what I ever did before I started writing five years ago. Well, I was craftier. for example, Facebook reminded me last week that I did THIS…

spare time project

But you know what? This year so far I’ve earned $5,200 from my writing. Last year with a traditional publisher and two books out, I made $300. Of course, I’ve already reinvested half of this year’s proceeds back into editing, book covers, and marketing etc.

I’ve never made any money off of my crafts. One look at my cat butt coaster below, and you’ll see why. #crochetfail

What they should look like.
What they should look like.


What mine looked like.
What mine looked like.

So really, I have no room to whine

I’ve done ALL THE THINGS an indie publisher is supposed to do. You can actually download a cool checklist here:

All I need is a tipping point.


Yeah, I don’t want to be that bottom guy. Boo! So instead of giving up. I started a couple of new books. Now I have four works in progress. Yep. go big or go home…erm…or something like that.

I guess this falls into the ‘try harder’ camp of thought.

Works in progress 1 & 2Works in progress 2 & 4

I have no estimated dates of publication. You’ll be just as surprised as I am.

Your best bet? Sign up for my newsletter and I promise you’ll be the first to know when a new book drops.

stay drunk on writing

Write on.


9 Responses to That time I wanted to quit writing so I started four books instead

  1. I WANT that Sasquatch book. I’ve been intrigued since you told me about it. Do the things! Even if you have to whine while you do it.

  2. Avatar Deanne DeJarnette
    Deanne DeJarnette says:

    so glad that you decided to “not quit” writing. I also, am patiently waiting of Reap and Reckon. some day in the not to distant future – I hope – we’ll have bookcases installed in the new house and the first books on those shelves will be the Lisa Medley collection. Truly!! Hang in there. From Deanne

  3. Great comments and very inspirational. Every morning, I ask myself why I’m wasting my time writing, I’ll never get my novels sold. Fortunately, I always feel better by noon. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think it’s normal to have several WIPs at once. Hope they all do well.

  4. Maybe you need to “quit” once in a while so that your creativity kicks you those sparks? Regardless, I have 5 unfinished novels, so you inspire me every day – to consider writing. One day I might actually do it.

  5. Keep writing! You’re awesome. I predict 2016 will be bigger and better!!!