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  • July Reader and Reviewer Contest Winners for Space Cowboys & Indians

    July was a busy book month with the release of Space Cowboys & Indians and two Goodreads paperback giveaways, which means it’s time to reveal the big winners!

    Read & Review any Lisa Medley book by July 31 on Amazon or Goodreads for your chance to win an Amazon $10 Gift Card… the winner is Cherri-Anne B.!

    Read & Review Space Cowboys for your chance to win a CERTIFIED METEORITE fragment… the winner is Sharon D.!

    Goodreads paperback giveaway of Haunt My Heart…the winner is Lindsay L.!

    Goodreads paperback giveaway of Reap & Repent… the winner is Joanne B.!

    Bewitching Book Blitz participant for your chance to win a CERTIFIED METEORITE fragment… the winner is…Laura T.!

    Stay tuned for more contests and your chance to win gift cards, books, and swag.

    In the meantime, have you read Space Cowboys & Indians? Well, what are you waiting for? Saddle up!

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    Space Cowboys 3D png

    How can the chance of a lifetime go so horribly wrong?

    Mining Engineer Cole Hudson signed up for NASA astronaut training, but after washing out short of getting his gold wings, he retreats to Alaska where he stakes out a gold claim. When billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Janson offers him an opportunity to join a mining team on an asteroid, Cole jumps at the chance.

    But nothing is as it seems. Former NASA reject and rival classmate, Tessa Hernandez, is also a member of the team, and from the beginning of the mission test flight, things go wrong. They soon discover they’re not the only ones on the asteroid. As they try to escape, they are pulled through a wormhole and back to the early 1800s New Mexico desert where aliens and Apaches may be the least of their problems.

  • Chapter Two excerpt from Space Cowboys & Indians landing July 15

    Not too terribly long ago I gave you a sneak peek at Chapter One of Space Cowboys & Indians, where you met our hero, Cole Hudson. Not one to sit by unnoticed , our heroine Tessa Hernandez has demanded equal opportunity. Tessa is a brilliant engineer and pilot with a fiery personality, and she’s none too happy to find out who their newest crewmate may be.

    Meet Tessa.

    Chapter Two


    Roswell, New Mexico – the near future

    Tessa Hernandez swirled her straw around the gin and tonic sitting on the bar top in front of her at O’Malley’s. Another Friday night in the Roswell bar—was this six or seven weeks since Janson had dragged her out of her self-imposed exile of humiliation with an offer she couldn’t refuse?

    Ever since she’d been dismissed from the NASA training program, she’d been in a downward spiral. Anger issues, they’d said. Hadn’t passed the final psych eval. Even after completing the twenty-month program—she’d totally financed—they’d passed her over for promotion to astronaut. Let them try growing up with six older Hispanic brothers in a Catholic home in South Texas.

    They hadn’t even seen anger issues yet.

    She wasn’t sure what burned her ass the most, that she had been days away from fulfilling her dream when they’d booted her, or that they’d let her spend out before it happened.

    Total toss-up.

    But, now? Janson offered her a second chance. Her own personal patron saint of lost causes, it seemed.

    She tipped back the tumbler and let the clear, tart drink slide down her throat.

    “Want another?” Noah Wright slid up to the barstool beside her carrying a head-sized plate of greasy home-cut fries covered in cheese. His dirty blond hair feathered out beneath the ball cap, and his blue eyes sparkled with mischief.

    “Sure. You buying?”

    “Absolutely. Barkeep, send the lady another.” Noah gave her a crooked smile and shoved the plate of fries closer to her. “I’ll share.”

    “No, thanks. You’re going to regret those tomorrow.”

    “Probably. They’ll evacuate us, anyway, before we go. Might as well make ’em work for their money.”

    “You’re disgusting.” Tessa smiled at him.

    “I try. Besides, no way is my potentially last meal on Earth going to be space MREs.” He shoved a fistful of fries into his mouth. “Aaahve oooo sheen tha nooo ghay?”

    “I had brothers—who were animals—and still, I have no idea what you just said. Swallow a few fries first, then talk.” Tessa slid her new drink closer to her and began again with the stir-and-ignore vibe she’d mastered.

    Noah swallowed audibly. “I said. Have you seen the new guy?”

    “No. You?”

    “Heard Janson flew to Alaska and dragged him off a gold mine claim.”


    “Yep. Also, heard he was in ‘The Program.’ A reject. Just like us.”

    “You had better be freaking kidding me.” She laid her head down on top of her tumbler, disgusted by what she knew was coming next.

    “What’s that reaction all about?” he asked, wiping cheese off his cheek.

    “You got a name for this reject?” she asked, hoping against hope.

    “Hudson, I think. Like the river. Can’t remember his first name.”

    “Cole,” Tessa mumbled. Just as she’d feared.

    “Was he in your class?”


    “Reeeeally? You gonna make me drag it out of you? Spill it. If we’re going to space with this guy, I’d like to know whose hands I’m putting my life into.”

    “Oh, you’re safe enough. Not dangerous. Pendejo.” Tessa sighed. “Besides, you’re on the wrong team for him to cause you any trouble.”

    “Cole is gay? You’re mad because he’s gay?”

    “Good God, no. He’s…”

    “I’m confused. Granted, it’s a state I’m familiar with. Still. What’s your grind with this guy? Do you know why he got booted?”

    Bar noise picked up behind them as the band came onto the stage. “Money problems from what I heard. But if not for that, he’d still be sleeping his way through the female recruits.”

    “Ah, I see then.”

    Tessa whipped around on her bar stool. “What’s that mean?”

    “You had a thing for him. Am I right?”

    “Not. Even. Close.”

    “Okay, I give up. Clearly I have no idea what your damage is with this guy.” Noah used his last three fries to sweep the remaining cheese from his plate and then pointed them at Tessa. “Whatever it is? Let it go. This is our big shot. Those losers still in ‘The Program’…” Noah made air quotes with his fries and fingers. “They have to follow the rules. Us? We’re making the rules.”

    Tessa watched as Noah licked cheese from each finger. “I think rules are the least of our worries.”

    Space Cowboys & Indians lands July 15.

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    SpaceCandIw (533x800)

    How can the chance of a lifetime go so horribly wrong?

    Mining Engineer Cole Hudson signed up for NASA astronaut training, but after washing out short of getting his gold wings, he retreats to Alaska where he stakes out a gold claim. When billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Janson offers him an opportunity to join a mining team on an asteroid, Cole jumps at the chance.

    But nothing is as it seems. Former NASA reject and rival classmate, Tessa Hernandez, is also a member of the team, and from the beginning of the mission test flight, things go horribly wrong. They soon discover they’re not the only ones on the asteroid. As they try to escape, they are pulled through a wormhole and back to the early 1800s New Mexico desert where aliens and Apaches may be the least of their problems.

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  • Spotlight on Curse of The Purple Delhi Sapphire by Rachael Stapleton

    Looking for a great FREE mystery? June 15th -19th


    Grab your copy of Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire Now. Free for Kindle. #mystery #timetravel #romance #freebooks

    Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire: The Temple of Indra MYSTERY Series by Rachael Stapleton

     Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Time Travel Romance

    Publisher: Solstice Publishing

    Date of Publication: February 3rd, 2015

    ASIN: B00SNAF018

    Print Length: 215 pages

    Word Count: 66, 400

    Cover Artist: Rebecca Boyd

    Book Description:

    Sophia Marcil hasn’t escaped her destiny or the mad-man hunting her but she’s doing her best to evade both and making a life in Ireland with Cullen—the one person she can count on to pull her out of deep water. There’s just one problem, despite his connection, she hasn’t told him the truth of her time travel and her reality comes crashing down as he proposes with the very sapphire that’s cursed her. Before she knows it, she’s wandering the hallway of an old Victorian house in the body of her great aunt. Unfortunately, her nemesis has also reincarnated in 1920—as one of her family members and she struggles to locate the Purple Delhi Sapphire in time to prevent the deaths of those she loves. When she fails and returns to her present-day life, she’s forced to confront the fact that her killer’s soul will always be tied to the sapphire and in every life she has, he will be resurrected as someone close to her. Her biggest question—who is he now? She doesn’t have to wonder for very long before she finds evidence that has her questioning everything she thought she knew.

    Available at    Amazon   BN   CHAPTERS


    Chapter One

    Dublin, Ireland

    Today I would tell Cullen the truth. I swirled the champagne in my glass in an agitated fashion. I would not allow myself to be distracted. I looked down in early defeat and noticed the dark limp waves cascading past my shoulders. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t even get ready for a dinner party without being distracted. All that work curling it, and then Cullen had walked in, glimpsing my lacy black bra, and poof, my hair was flat again. Twirling a strand around my index finger, I attempted to bring it back to life. If only the jewels could work their magic on my hair.

    I spotted Cullen a couple of feet away, making his way over to me. He looked handsome in his sport jacket and tailored shirt. His hair, a coppery red with streaks of blond that looked almost golden in the sunlight, was slicked back so the ends curled at his neck.

    I should be over-the-moon happy right now. I was sipping Dom Pérignon in an elegant restaurant surrounded by rustic stone walls, as a soft and whimsical Irish fiddle played in the background in honor of our one-year anniversary. It wasn’t technically our anniversary. He had playfully called it that when he’d invited me out to dinner with his family, but what he’d meant was that it had been one year since we’d met. Since that ill-fated day on the Lerins Island, half a mile off shore from Cannes, when I’d rejected the marriage proposal of that egotistical lunatic Nicholas Bexx and endured his wrath. Lucky for me, Cullen had been looking up from the deck of his family’s yacht and had seen Nick push me off the cliff. Cullen dove in and pulled me to safety, and subsequently into his life.

    It was hard to believe that in a full year I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the truth: that the fall had sent me to another time and place and into the body of a nineteenth-century princess. But what sane person would believe what had been only seconds underwater to them had been another lifetime to me? I was the owner of the Purple Delhi Sapphire. I had time traveled into my past life and uncovered my destiny—had done so repeatedly—and was always reborn, only to be murdered by the same obsessed spirit, again and again.

    “Sophia, ye all right?” Cullen asked, appearing suddenly at my elbow.

    “No,” I said automatically and pushed away the bothersome thoughts.

    “Gah. It’s the restaurant. It’s too fancy, isn’t it? I said so, but ye know Móraí.”

    “What? I love this place.” The room buzzed with mixed conversation. “I just didn’t hear what you said.”

    “Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth. I asked if ye were all right and ye said no.”

    “I’m fine. I’m just soaking in the atmosphere. It’s so romantic in here.”

    That was the truth. The place was intimate. A combination of comfortable leather and floral high-backed chairs surrounded the long table, and almost all of them were now full with Cullen’s family.

    “It is getting loud in here. I thought this was just dinner, but it looks like you rented out the whole restaurant. Will this place hold your entire family?”

    “Like that’d matter. Loud-mouthed arses. Let’s skedaddle and we can celebrate alone.”

    I laughed as Cullen pretended to boot one of his cousins in the rear.

    His eyes met mine, and it was just like that first day in the hospital after I’d awoken from the fall. There was no denying the attraction and it wasn’t just pheromones. It was as if my soul recognized his, which was exactly why I needed to be honest about the curse. I was giving myself an ulcer and all for what? I knew he felt the same way. For heaven’s sake, I’d overheard him tell his brother of his dreams, and they sounded suspiciously familiar. There were other clues. He shared a birthmark with Graf Viktor Ferdinand of Württemberg, who’d rescued me on three separate occasions when I was the princess, and of course his ancestor had been the one to sell the Purple Delhi Sapphire to my family.

    Cullen bent his head toward me, his lips brushing mine, but at the last moment I turned my cheek.

    “Cullen, your grandmother has arrived with your parents and she’s staring at us. It’s probably this dress.”

    “Well now, she can be after findin’ her own frock, can’t she? ’Cause ye look bloody deadly in that one.”

    He playfully tugged at the clasp centered between my breasts. He’d been the one to choose this low-slung, emerald-green dress. He said it reminded him of a shamrock, but I knew he really liked it because it provided a pretty little peek-a-boo if I moved just the right way. Truthfully, it was a little racy for this evening, but you only lived once. Well, maybe some people did.

    His mother, Lucille, rushed across the polished wooden floor, playfully elbowing him out of the way in order to hug me.

    “Ye best be behavin’ yerself, boy.”

    She was a fine-boned woman with beautiful brown eyes and curly auburn hair. When they stood side by side it was easy to see he took after her with his ruddy locks, and lucky for him because she had great genes. His father—orDa, as they called him—wasn’t too bad himself. He had a charisma that both his sons carried.


    My name was said in a strange, low whisper, and for a moment I froze as hands fell on my shoulders.

    “Look at ye, lass.”

    I smiled and turned to see Cullen’s brother with his dark, whiskey-colored eyes and raven’s-wing hair. A touch of gray at the temples made him look dignified. “Liam, I’m so glad to see you.” I hugged him back. He lived fairly close and was over for dinner at least twice a week.

    “Aren’t ye a fine bit of stuff! For the life of me, I can’t be figurin’ why ye’re still with that gobdaw brother of mine.”

    “Did ye hear that, Cullen?” One of the cousins, Ewan, called out. “Liam’s after ye’re wan.”

    “Go ’way from her ye bloody jealous maggot, always after me scooter growin’ up too,” Cullen called back.

    “Oh, here we go,” I said, preparing myself for their playful banter, most of which was lost on me.

    Liam drew me in for a kiss on the cheek and lowered his voice, practically whispering into my ear. “I saw ye first.”

    I smiled at the harmless peck. They were always teasing, although I couldn’t help but think sometimes Liam took it too far, especially for a priest. He let go and looked back at Cullen, who finished hugging his aunt on the other side of the table and strutted toward us.

    “Hold tight. I’m on my way to rescue ye, luv.”

    “No rescue necessary,” Liam said, grinning. “I’m a man of the cloth.”

    “Bit of a holy joe is more like it,” Cullen slung back.

    Ewan, the youngest of the three, jumped to his feet and pretended to step between them. Both Cullen and Liam gave their cousin a friendly shove, then gave each other a loving pat on the back as they hugged.

    Cullen turned to me. “Ye sure ye’re all right, luv?”

    “I’m perfect,” I said, finally beginning to relax. I’d made up my mind. I was going to tell him tonight, come hell or high water.

    “Brilliant.” He kissed my forehead, his lips soft and warm on my skin. “I’ll miss ye next week. Ye gonna keep busy?” He fiddled nervously with his jacket pocket. It wasn’t like Cullen to fiddle; I gave his hand a squeeze. He was traveling to London tomorrow on business. He would only be gone four days, but he was never home long before he had to jet off again.

    “I thought maybe I’d go to that fundraiser—see if one of your cousins wanted to tag along—and of course the bridal shower is the next day.” Maybe that was why he was so jittery. He knew I didn’t like being without him, and he’d mentioned once or twice the guilt he felt over leaving.

    Someone clinked their fork off a glass and the musical tinkling made me look up.

    “O’Kelley Clan, can I get yer attention up here for a moment?” Da called.

    A champagne bottle opened with a satisfying pop.

    “If ye haven’t noticed already, there’s a bit of the bubbly being passed about, so set aside the whiskey and grab one.”

    The table quieted and we took our seats.

    “I’d like to propose a toast to the lovely lass sitting at Cullen’s side.” Da raised his glass, and all eyes turned to me.

    “Here here,” Cullen said. “To my Sophia.”

    My glass clinked against his. “What’s going on?” I whispered.

    He’d switched out my glass as the tray went by and now gave me his best I-have-no-idea look, extending an arm around my shoulders and pulling me in tight.

    “T’was a year ago today she fell into our lives from Sainte Marguerite Island—or perhaps it was the sky, ’cause surely that one there’s an angel.”

    “Quit stealin’ his lines, John,” Lucille chided smartly before he could go on.

    The room roared with laughter.

    “Aw sure look it. I did, didn’t I? Sorry, Son. Well then here’s another stolen line while I’m at it: to women’s kisses, and to whiskey, amber clear. Not as sweet as a woman’s kiss, but a darn sight more sincere! Anyway, Cullen, don’t run away now.”

    “Yea, thanks, Da!”

    The laughter faded as Cullen pushed his chair back and stood, pulling me gently to stand with him.

    “Not sure how to follow that up, but how about: to passionate people, beautiful futures, and lovely lasses who fall from the heavens,” he said, knocking glasses with me. Clinks echoed all around, and I smiled as he set his flute down.

    Then he lowered to one knee.

    He grinned up at me—so charming and gorgeous. His green eyes, as always, were mesmerizing. They had flecks of gold in them that clung to the edges and danced in the center, like they were on fire. My heart beat so loudly in my ears that it almost drowned out the “awws” and “oohs.”

    “Ye’re already mine, lass, in every way possible and I am yers, but I want the world to know,” he said, taking my free hand. Someone took the glass of champagne from the other one, as I was shaking so badly. The black velvet box squeaked open, and his aunts gasped in unison, as if on cue.

    “Will ye make me the happiest man in Ireland, Aevil, and join our O’Kelley Clan?” He kissed my fingers as I stared down at him.

    The marble-sized rock in the box swirled, and doubled in front of my eyes. Deep purple amethyst with a thin frame of diamonds, set in pink gold and accentuated with a slender shank and crescent details.

    I looked past the ring, into his eyes, and found him still staring directly at me. He’d removed the ring from the box and was holding it out, ready to place it on my finger.

    He cleared his throat. “It was my great-great-great-grandmother’s and I thought ye might appreciate it, since ye were so intrigued with her portrait.”

    I nodded, trying to smile through the confusion, but my head swam with random bursts of chatter, the fiddle, and all the thoughts flooding me at once, mostly that Cullen had just proposed to me with the missing Purple Delhi Sapphire ring. A bead of sweat ran down the side of my cheek as the ring touched the tip of my finger.

    Cullen’s face began to distort. A shimmery haze had fallen over the room as if the desert were closing in. The vibration from the ring traveled up my arm, and the room began to shift and blur at the edges. Another room, a darker room, was coming into focus. I could still hear Cullen’s aunt ordering someone to get me a glass of water.

    There was something I should remember. Water. Rochus said water was necessary to ease the pain of time travel. Maybe this was what it felt like without. I tried to blink away the heat, tried to stop myself from going, but I couldn’t. The edges of the room were burning away fast now, like a Polaroid scorched by flames. I could hear the trickling of the fountain in the corner. I ran for it, or at least I intended to, but it was too late. 


    “Ms. Stapleton’s, The Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire, is extraordinary! She brings us the story of Sophia Marcil, a quiet librarian, who has found love in this life but is haunted by and trying to break the trail of destruction and death that has haunted her through many lives. If you want a great mystery, enjoy the idea of time travel and/or like a wonderful romance – do not hesitate to delve into this one.” — Book Me Mel Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock 

    “Plenty of twists, a sprinkle of humor and a whodunit with a surprising ending, Curse reminds me of great old story telling, but with a fresh and vital voice.” —Author A.B. Funkhauser

    “Just barely surfacing from her dangerous travel into the 1800’s…Sophia has become part of a lethal adventure in the 1920’s. She is haunted by the same curse—the never-broken, deadly hunt for the possession of the Purple Delhi Sapphire, which has been plaguing her lifetimes over…Rachael writes in a way that is intriguing enough to keep the pages turning. Each scene segues into the next with new information, new conflicts, new prospects, new possibilities, new theories, and new revelations…In Rachael’s storytelling, there is never a dull moment. Her imagination is one of her greatest strengths as a writer.” —Lacey Crowe Best Book Reviews and Edits 

    “Twists, turns, great characters, and time travel … what’s not to love! This was a fantastic read! Can’t wait for book 3!” —Author Marissa Campbell 

    Book One Trailer: http://goo.gl/6vtX2r

    Book Two Trailer: http://youtu.be/VCeG9eA09Fg 

    Rachel StapletonAbout the Author: Rachel Stapleton lives in a Second Empire Victorian with her husband and two children in Ontario, Canada and enjoys writing in the comforts of aged wood and arched dormers. She is the author of The Temple of Indra’s Jewel, Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire and is currently working on the third and most likely final book in the Temple of Indra series.

    Website |Blog | Facebook |Twitter |Goodreads |Amazon | Google +:

    Buy Links:

    Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire Paperback

    Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire Kindle

    The Temple of Indra’s Jewel Paperback

    The Temple of Indra’s Jewel Kindle


  • #8Sunday Sentences from Space Cowboys & Indians

    This week’s selection is from my current sci-fi adventure-romance novella, Space Cowboys & Indians. Think of a movie mashup of Cowboys & Aliens meets Six Days Seven Nights.

    Our hero, Cole Hudson, is a mining engineer and rejected NASA astronaut trainee who is now working a quickly deteriorating Alaska gold claim when billionaire entrepreneur, Duncan Janson, comes calling with an offer he can’t refuse.

    Here’s 8:

    SpaceCandIw (533x800)“Your season here is winding down? Am I correct?”

    Considering the ruined washplant screens? Yeah, winding down would be a kindness.

    “You didn’t tell me where the job is,” Cole pressed.

    “Ah, that’s the best part, Mr. Hudson. The job is on Amun–an asteroid. I want you to mine it for me.”




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    SpaceCandIw (533x800)How can the chance of a lifetime go so horribly wrong?

    Mining Engineer Cole Hudson signed up for NASA astronaut training, but after washing out short of getting his gold wings, he retreats to Alaska where he stakes out a gold claim. When Billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Janson offers him an opportunity to join a mining team on an asteroid, Cole jumps at the chance.

    But nothing is as it seems. Former NASA reject and rival classmate, Tessa Hernandez, is also a member of the team, and from the beginning of the mission test flight, things go horribly wrong. They soon discover they’re not the only ones on the asteroid. As they try to escape, they are pulled through a wormhole and back to the early 1800s New Mexico desert where aliens and Apaches may be the least of their problems.

    Coming to a Kindle near you this summer!

  • COVER REVEAL: Space Cowboys & Indians – Episode 1 of the Cosmic Cowboys Series

    SpaceCandIw (533x800)

    Well? What do you think?

    I’m one day away from writing the ending of the first draft of Space Cowboys & Indians. I didn’t know when I started, but Space Cowboys & Indians is a novella (approximately 150 pages) and the first in a series of sci-fi adventure-romance episodes.

    There’s adventure, asteroid mining, time travel, romance and much, much more.

    It will be available mid-summer (sooner if the stars align).

    Look for a sneak peek right here on Sunday as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors’ #8Sunday series.

    What’s your favorite sci-fi book, television series or movie?

  • Work In Progress: Space Cowboys & Indians

    shutterstock_64087615I may have gone slightly mad.

    I’ve been working feverishly on a sci-fi romance, which I’ve named Space Cowboys & Indians. So far, it’s been really fun. I’m a couple hundred words shy of 20K and expect it to end up around 60K, which is near 250 pages. It will be available in e-book and print sometime this year.

    SC&I is a mashup of the movies Cowboys vs Aliens meets Six Days Seven Nights.

    bef00834-a4da-365c-af09-52d29bd99392  meets 1c95593e-c9b4-342d-a93e-f7c93fae475a

    Right now, my hero and heroine still hate each other. That’s fixin’ to change 😀

    Be prepared for space tourism, asteroid mining, Mescalero Apache Indians, aliens, Roswell, NM, time travel and romance. I see it as a trilogy.

    You can find my Pinterest Inspirational Book Board here https://www.pinterest.com/medley3/space-cowboys-indians/

    I hope you’ll join me as I boldly go where I’ve never gone before.

    What’s your favorite sci-fi book or movie?