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  • Novel Success!


    Five months of writing to the date.

    86,456 words.

    335 pages.

    Having a finished novel sitting on my desk …


    READER NOTE: This post was originally posted on my Life In The Big Cedars blog January 16, 2012. Since I’ve decided to separate my writing posts and keep this site as my writing/author/blogging site and the other site as my online family journal, I’ll be re-posting until I get caught up. Thanks for stopping by!

    I finished my paranormal romance novel Reap ‘Em & Weep tonight. You’ll read this tomorrow sometime. It feels like a real accomplishment. I sort of like just carrying it around.

    I have no idea if it will ever see the light of day but I always wondered if I could do it. Stick it out until the end. See it through. Turns out I can. That feels pretty damn good.

    The only thing better than having a project is having a completed project.

    My plan now is to let it sit and percolate for a couple of weeks per Stephen King’s advice in his book On Writing. The idea is that when you go back to it and read it to do so in one or two sittings so you don’t lose focus on it. Also, after letting it sit for a while and going on to new things, it will be like reading someone else’s writing. You’ll have more perspective on it.

    I think that idea is swell.

    Bryon is begging me to read it. Now that it’s done, I’m chicken to share it. It’s not ready. I know there are some plot inconsistencies I need to iron out. Other things I need to flesh out. Still more I need to take out. I think it will be like a scab that you can’t stop picking. At some point, I’m going to have to share it. And I will, I promise. I can’t keep a secret, let alone something this big.

    Just not now. Just not yet. I need to pick at it a bit more first.

    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do it. Thanks to Bryon and Grace who endured Ramen noodles and Beanie Weanies more nights than were probably healthy.

    Tomorrow I plan to start another one. A rolling stone gathers no moss. This isn’t a sequel yet, although I have at least two more in mind for a Reap ‘Em series. God knows how I like a series.

    I’ll let you know a little about the next one when I get rolling, for now I can tell you it’s going to be based on the Worst Case Scenario books. Did you know they have a paranormal one? They do my friend, they really do.


  • A Novel Effort

    Last summer I got hit with a hankering to write a novel. I have read more than a hundred paranormal romance novels in the past two years and each time I have thought, “I can do this!” So I finally decided to put my money where my mouth was and give it a try.

    As a former English teacher and a graduate of a very respectable state university with a BS in English Education, I figured, why not? This does not, however, mean that I have perfect grammar or always use the correct word. It means I have some good ideas and I need an editor … and spell check.

    I first tried to write a novel several years ago when I had what I thought was a great premise after my husband and I cleaned out his grandmother’s incredibly disgusting and packed apartment and moved her into a care facility. We found a lot of crazy and interesting items and papers during our efforts which led to all sorts of questions and potentially mind blowing secrets.

    When I got home, I started the novel. I made it about 24 pages and lost steam. I was approximately 276 pages short of a novel. I binder clipped the pages together along with my internet “research” and stuck it all into a folder, likely never to be seen or worked on again. It was dead to me.

    Writing a novel is something I think lots of people secretly aspire to achieve. Being a published author would be even better. I think people assume every published author has basically hit the J.K. Rowlings lottery jackpot or can at least quit their day job.

    I have been researching this assumption and it turns out it’s not exactly the case. Sure some authors hit the trifecta of published book, best seller, movie deal but most don’t. Some self-publish their literary children and others quietly stuff them into a drawer or the back of their closet under some mothballed sweaters.

    It’s not easy but it is exciting to consider the possibilities.

    It all starts with page one and ends 300 some pages later. Even if it’s a stinker, at least it’s an accomplishment that has a tangible result; a huge pile of paper with words you typed from your very own brain. No one else can do THAT for you.

    Then if you actually finish the damn thing and want to try to publish it, there are a whole new host of obstacles to overcome. Of course, if you never finish, you’ll never have to worry about any of that.

    As of today I’m on page 115 of my third novel attempt. I think this one might actually go the distance. It’s exhausting and exciting all at the same time. It’s also pretty all consuming. I’ve been working on it since August 5th of this month. I write in long hand at lunch time while I snarf down my Subway Buffalo Chicken sandwich in one of the five counties I cover for work. Later I slink off to my upstairs office until midnight most nights typing up and amending my copy from the day.

    When I finally make it to bed, I can’t fall asleep because things keep happening to my story in my head and those characters just won’t shut up. My brain keeps writing the next scene and finally I have to turn the light back on and write down some notes or it will be lost forever. That’s a good problem to have. I’m not complaining about that.

    Well, I’m off to write.

    Page 116, here I come.