Survivor: Harlequin Island

I have been in a writing holding pattern the entire month of October.

The Harlequin contest has stalled me out. I had no idea it would be such an all-consuming proposition when I hit submit on September 30. I have only written 294 words this month. Holy crap that’s pathetic.

I’m not really complaining. It’s been a fun and exciting experience and probably the closest I’ll ever come to being on a reality television show.

You may not know it but ten years ago, I sent an application and audition tape to the Survivor series. I really wanted to be on that show. I was not chosen.

In retrospect, I would have lasted about ten minutes. I don’t do well in the heat, I don’t like confrontation, and I’m not a backbiting, conniving wench. Some little blonde bikini-clad, demon-possessed ingenue would have eaten me up and spit me out. Or I would have just had a heatstroke and had to be helicoptered out.

Either way, I would have eventually left the island.

Instead, I’m currently on Exile Island awaiting the Jury’s decision: final three or voted off?

The good news is, after Monday, November 5, I’m hopeful I can get my mojo back and forge ahead. I have an outline for the last 29K of Reap & Redeem and a clear sense of direction. Poor Kylen and Alivia need their happily ever after, then Nate needs his story. I even have a title: Reap & Reveal.

Book three is right around the corner, but I’m trying to keep it at bay until its time.

Who knew books could be just as impatient as their writers?


One Response to Survivor: Harlequin Island

  1. Great post! I’ve enjoyed watching your Harlequin adventure, and I’m holding out for a top 3 finish! Good luck and thanks for sharing it with us.