Spotlight on The Martini Club 4 Series

Downton Abbey Meets Sex in the City: 

New releases from Amanda McCabe, Alicia Dean, Kathy L Wheeler, and Krysta Scott…The Martini Club 4 Series.  Four stand-alone, related novellas centered around a speakeasy based on a gathering place—the Martini Lounge in Edmond, Oklahoma—where the four friends meet every Friday for martinis, conversation, and lots of laughs.

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Four young English women discover friendship, romance, and danger in 1920’s New York City…

  • Jessica:  An aristocratic reporter with a penchant for trouble, she encounters sexy, mysterious Frank Markov, owner of an elegant new speakeasy and a man with secrets she’s dying to uncover. ~ Rebellious – Book 1 
  • Eliza: She fled England in pursuit of a better life, but her illusions are shattered when she falls prey to a scoundrel who draws her into a life of prostitution. When she meets Vince Taggart, a former boxer in search of his missing friend, she finds hope and the promise of love. ~ Ruined – Book 2
  • Margaret: Her impulsive nature lands her face-to-face with gangsters and bootleggers. Even more disarming is her undeniable attraction to the enigmatic Harry Dempsey. ~ Reckless – Book 3
  • Charlotte: Her dreams of owning her own bakery crumble when blackmail and murder land at her feet. Is the dashing detective her ruin or her salvation? ~ Runaway – Book 4 

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Excerpt: Jessica turned back to look at the building.  The windows stared down at them in blank darkness, and she could only hear the faint roar of traffic from Broadway, a woman’s shrill laughter, a cat howling from behind a trash can.

“No, not from here,” she said.  But she saw the shallow flight of stone steps Meggie had told them to look for, leading down to a shadowy doorway.  “Come on!  We’ll be late.  Maybe Eliza is already waiting.”  Eliza had said she would meet them there after her shift at the factory, though they hadn’t seen her for a while.

She tugged Charlotte down the steps after her and knocked three times on the door.  A tiny, grilled window set high above her head slid open.

“The elephant’s eyebrows,” she said, repeating the passwords she’d been given.  Obviously, someone there had a weird sense of humor.

The window slammed shut, and for several long seconds there was no sound except that distant hum of cars and the pounding of Jessica’s heart.  Had she done it wrong?  Had she come this close to finding a real story, to finding her shipboard Romeo again, only to be turned away?

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Lord Renwald bellowed, then fell to his knees, one hand on his head, blood seeping between his fingers. His mouth gaped like a fish, his eyes wide and agony-filled. He reached his free hand for her and nearly gripped her skirt, but she jumped back, out of his reach. He frowned as if perplexed, then thudded to the floor—still as a corpse.

Eliza stood frozen for a moment. Her entire body trembled. Warm stickiness coated her fingers. She’d killed a man. Not just a man, but an Earl. Dear Heaven, she’d killed him. If they caught her, she’d be put to death. The realization jolted her from her trance. She dropped the vase and rushed to the door, flinging it open. She raced down the hallway, to the stairs that led to the lower floor. Nearly flying, she hurried down the steps, past the wide-eyed stares of the other housemaids, and opened the cubby. Just as Maud promised, the valise was inside. Eliza snatched it and rushed to the back door. Her heart ached that she hadn’t had a chance to tell Maud goodbye, to thank her. But she’d promised the woman she would run and never look back. She didn’t know where she would go, or how she would get there, but she knew she would never return.

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Excerpt: Shadows loomed, and every so often a match struck, and the red-tipped glow of a cigarette illuminated a face. Meggie pulled a deep breath to steady her jumpy nerves. Adapted her mind into her stage persona mode.  Forced a casual stride. It occurred and surprised her in how comfortable the oxford-styled uppers were compared to the toe-choking heels she wore nightly. She shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her coat.

The closer she grew to Club 501 the tighter her stomach knotted. She reached the block and crept around the building, nerves taut as the gory details relayed by Jess and Charli in her head like the film with Ramon Navarro she and Jess had seen, only the scene in her head appeared in vivid colors. The most dominant being red.

Fingers clenched to stop their trembling, she hugged the side of the building. Nothing.

She didn’t know whether to be relieved or furious after all of her and Georgie’s painstaking efforts.

Just as she let out a dejected sigh, a truck rolled in with the lights cut. Meggie sank to the ground behind a row of bushes and watched. The overhead door to Club 501 raised and Butch hurried out, Harry following in his more deliberate gait. A hundred bats flew into motion deep within her abdomen. Could she do this? Eliza. Eliza needs help. 

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Excerpt: “I-I have nothing to say to you.” She whirled and marched away from the expectations that had besieged her since the day she was born. Arranged marriages had been outdated since the early 1800s, even in England.

Heart thumping, breathing shallow, Charli escaped. From him. From her previous life.

Loud, firm steps thundered behind her. What had she expected? The man had followed her from London. Fury pressed through her veins. Well, that was his choice. She hadn’t asked him to look for her. But she couldn’t…wouldn’t go back to that life. She walked faster. Almost running, but strong fingers curled about her arm, jerking her to a stop.

“Charlotte.” He gasped for air. “What the devil are you doing?”

“Getting away from you.” Her hand flew to her mouth. Had those words just come out of her? Only six months in New York, and she’d gained gumption. From wherever the fortitude rose, she embraced it. Clung to it. Needed it. She yanked her arm from his grip, and before he could stop her, continued down the sidewalk. “Leave me alone.”

“Why are you being so obstinate?” His voice echoed in the quiet of the night. Still, he trailed her. The familiar entrance to her flat lay only two blocks ahead. She pushed to close the distance—between Geoffrey and her old life—to reach her haven.

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