Space Cowboys & Indians: Space really is the final frontier

You know what’s cool? Space.


It really is the last frontier. Only 547 have ever been in space. Wondering who is in space right now?

Samantha Cristoforetti     Anton Shkaplerov   Terry Virts    Scott Kelly   Mikhail Korniyenko &  Gennadi Padalka

Samantha Cristoforetti has a great Twitter account and posts the most amazing photos from space aboard the international space station. Follow her @AstroSamantha .

During my research for Space Cowboys & Indians, I created a very cool Twitter list of interesting space folks and businesses.  It’s called Space & SciFi. You can check it out here and subscribe if you’d like.  Be prepared to be amazed because science is much stranger than fiction.

There are enough real-life ideas on that list for a thousand sci-fi stories to come.

Feel free to start here:

Space Cowboys & Indians lands July 15.

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SpaceCandIw (533x800)

How can the chance of a lifetime go so horribly wrong?

Mining Engineer Cole Hudson signed up for NASA astronaut training, but after washing out short of getting his gold wings, he retreats to Alaska where he stakes out a gold claim. When Billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Janson offers him an opportunity to join a mining team on an asteroid, Cole jumps at the chance.

But nothing is as it seems. Former NASA reject and rival classmate, Tessa Hernandez, is also a member of the team, and from the beginning of the mission test flight, things go wrong. They soon discover they’re not the only ones on the asteroid. As they try to escape, they are pulled through a wormhole and back to the early 1800s New Mexico desert where aliens and Apaches may be the least of their problems.

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