Shiny New Toys

IMG_3197 (768x1024)

I’ve been gearing up for the RT CON and ordered new cards with less personal information on them and more social media contact information instead for handing out to strangers at the conference.

Of course, Vistaprint also roped me in with their “But Wait, There’s More” marketing scheme. Hence the cool mug 😉

IMG_3196 (1024x768)

What can I say? I’m a sucker at heart.

If you catch a typo…now is the time to tell me 😉 This is why I need an editor.

2 Responses to Shiny New Toys

  1. Looks fantastic. Now I want shiny toys!

  2. Avatar Grubbs, Patty
    Grubbs, Patty says:

    Love it