Secrets Of The Sapphires by T. Sue VerSteeg

Another great author to share from our writing group and just out in paperback! I just can’t get enough of paranormal romance! Check it out!

Here is the blurb:

Secrets of the Sapphires,

Nia Brooks entered the CIA to get to the bottom of her parents’ deaths. Joining the Paranormal Division, she learns to fend for herself after dealing with prejudice, not to mention the vampires and shifters. Paired with an egotistical agent, the bloodsuckers and hairy boys don’t seem so bad. Garrett Van Deren has his own agenda behind joining the CIA. When his dead partner’s body disappears without a trace, Garrett knows the vampire underground is responsible and the Paranormal Division offers him answers. He slams head first into a roadblock when he meets his new partner. A hundred pounds soaking wet, he’ll be babysitting instead of tracking down the killer. Tossed back in time by a mysterious white sapphire, two headstrong agents must learn to trust one another while they search for a way back to the Twenty-First Century and the people responsible for the rift in time.

Get it on Amazon in print and Kindle here.

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