#RT14 – Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2014, New Orleans


A week later and I’m still recovering from RT Con 14.

This was my second Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and since it was in New Orleans I was even more excited to attend. I made my reservations for the con hotel the day after I returned from the convention last year. I’m so glad I did because this year’s con was absolute crazysauce.



Despite what it might have looked like from my Facebook and Twitter feed, I did actually do more than eat.

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After driving eleven hours, the first night Dawn and I walked the length of Bourbon Street, and I definitely got the full visceral ‘flavor’ of NOLA. I loved it from the first block.


Our hotel was the Marriott right on Canal Street. We had a very average room but I was thankful to be in the convention hotel. As soon as we walked in the room was very musty, then a bit later Dawn stepped onto soggy carpet. The air conditioning wasn’t working correctly. We were so busy we didn’t bother to report it for a couple of days but after Dawn did, a maintenance guy was sent and determined it couldn’t be repaired so they offered to move us to another room.

We had so much STUFF and so many activities going on that we didn’t get packed up until 11:30 on night three. It was a total hassle to change rooms. But this is what we upgraded to…


That’s Canal Street on the right. Considering I rode the elevator up at least once with HQN Bestselling Author Heather Graham and Carina Editorial Director Angela James, I figure we got the high-roller suite just like them 😀

I attended mostly marketing and social media workshops this year. I think I actually learned more last year from the workshops. Maybe because I was so new and in a different stage of the process. I did glean several helpful tidbits here and there and one workshop I attended with my friend and fellow author Cara Bristol was amazing. She summed it up in a couple of great posts Why Some ebooks Sell and Others Don’t and 13 Marketing Tips to Promote Your Book. 

I also had a chance to meet a few of my favorite authors as well as a few on my TBR book shelf.


That’s Darynda Jones on the far left. Darynda was one of the first authors to make Reapers cool, and she’s a super duper nice lady! I haven’t read her books yet because I didn’t want to while I was still writing and building my own reaper world. But lots of happy readers have read her books. You should too. You can find her books here DARYNDA JONES – NY Times Bestselling Author.

I also sat in on the paranormal panel with authors Kim Harrison, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole and P.C. Cast. They were a HOOT! I have to say their honesty about their personal struggles and crisis of conscience in their writing from time to time gave me hope for the rest of us! They have each been wildly successful.


But the real thrill was when I saw Charlaine Harris outside of the Marriott Starbucks. I might have fangirled on her a bit. She’s so stinkin’ awesome. You should read her books too. All of them.


The RT Convention is an amazing opportunity for readers to meet their favorite authors and learn more about the books they love but it’s not for the impatient or shrinking violets. There are long lines and the Avon Book event was like a Black Friday Sale. I bailed out after a few minutes but Dawn battled through. Dawn’s primary goal was to earn her $484 convention registration back in books.

She brought home 119 paperbacks, a flash drive with 600 Smashwords books and a dozen more free ebooks. Not a bad haul.

I brought home around twenty or so books myself plus a whole bunch of good memories of NOLA.

I have more to say about NOLA , ghosts, vampires, voodoo, tarot readings, and Mardi Gras floats but that will all have to wait for another post.



Finally, there was a rumor that Guinness Book of World Records was there to document the event as the World’s Largest Book Signing. I don’t doubt it. Being one of the more than 700 authors in attendance signing was definitely memorable. For me anyway even though no one really knew who I was…yet.


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  1. I loved the post. Can’t wait to read your next about New Orleans magic.

  2. Sounds like a great time. Wish I could have gone.