RT Convention 2013 & Book Two is in the Wind

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So…this happened.

May has already brought so much writerly awesomeness, I couldn’t wait any longer to post about it.

The first week of May, I attended my first ever big writerly, book lovers convention hosted by the Romantic Times Review Magazine. If you love romances in any or all flavors, you should subscribe. They review hundreds of romance novels every month, and you get sneak peaks and previews of what’s on the horizon. It will do your bookshelf and your Kindle good.

The pic above was taken with the fabulous cover models of Ellora’s Cave. I wasn’t going to have a pic taken but then thought, Carpe Diem, baby! They are called the Cave Men by the way. Yeah.

I knew going to this convention would be intense. I signed up for one craft workshop after another and was booked from dawn until well after dusk. I hit every party and mixed and mingled my butt off. It was FANTASTIC!

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Luckily for me, it was in Kansas City this year and the spectacular A.M. Buxton (an Ozarks Romance Girl) was my roomie. The fabulous Cara Bristol was also my partner in crime at more than one event.

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Cara & I took our shoes off to wait in line for the ball. I can’t do high maintenance footwear for very long.
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I look like an Amazon next to the cute little Cara Bristol!

Cecily White, ORA girl and author of the new YA Prophecy Girl got to SIGN in the GINORMOUS BOOK FAIR. Look at me, dropping names like they’re hot. And they were!

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Our Ozarks Romance Authors are on fire this year. We’ve had so many books published I’m losing track!

The book fair was incredible because I got to put faces with names and Facebook/Twitter heads. I even got to shake hands and meet several authors in person. It was so cool. Maybe next year…I’ll be there.

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I’m not generally ate up with the whole autograph thing, but I came home with a dozen signed books. In fact, the swag factor was a little overwhelming. I’m not sure how effective swag is in the long run, but in the short run people were collecting it like it was gold. I came home with a bagful myself but mostly in the spirit of education.

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Here is my haul of FREE books. There were 50 paperbacks, and I still haven’t made it through the pile of postcards with free ebooks yet.

Most of these will go to ORA for raffle baskets at our Sept. 21, 2013 convention in Springfield. A few I’ll keep for SOMEDAY. Yeah, my to-be-read pile is ridiculous.

On the writing front, I turned my structural edits in to my editor Angela Polidoro before I left for the convention and weeks ahead of time. Angela had some fantastic suggestions to restructure my plot. I basically rewrote the last hundred pages, but it was worth it.

Now she’s sent the line edits and a few comments to HQ headquarters and as soon as they get back to her I’ll dive into those. I pulled the trigger and sent book two to her after taking one more pass through it and writing the most painful synopsis known to man.

I really stink at a synopsis. All the details seem so important. It’s tough choosing the high points. Instead of agonizing over it, I whipped it out and hit send. I hope it’s okay.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Malle Vallik, the director of the Harlequin e (Harlequin Digital First line). She bought me a drink (very grownup I know!) and filled me in on the happenings. I’m excited to be included in the beginnings of this venture. Malle thought Reap & Repent would publish as an ebook sometime between January and March. Book two, Reap & Redeem, could publish as quickly as three months after that.

Now my mission is to begin book three, Reap & Reveal. I have some good notes and plan to dive in this week. Hell, I might even actually plot this one.

I know, crazy time. Right?

13 Responses to RT Convention 2013 & Book Two is in the Wind

  1. Prould of you and all our successful writers. Looks like you had a blast. I wish I could have made the trip.

  2. It was total coolness hanging out with you. And now my feet are famous!

  3. Wish I could’ve seen you the day I was up there. Oh well. I love that pic of you with the Cave Men. Body language tells us who you preferred and who…well, not so much. LOL! See you in a few weeks.

  4. Avatar Lisa Wells
    Lisa Wells says:

    Sounds like you had a blast. Wish I could have been in the midst of the madness with you.

  5. I’m uber-excited about the beginnings of the next novel! OMG, more reapers! And next year you’ll be able to represent an actual book while you’re in NO.

  6. Woo Hoo!!! Great time!! You did a great job with your post, here, girl.


  7. You’re living the life. Go, go, go!

  8. Avatar RLCarrier
    RLCarrier says:

    “A picture is worth a thousand words!” That picture sure leaves the reader anxious to know the story behind it! Ha! Sounds like it was a fabulous convention with lots of good connections and new friends made along the way. I laughed at your comments about the woman who bought you a drink….so grown-up! Ha! You got quite a haul of books…surely you need to build an annex by now to house all the books you want to read? Or maybe you can convert the shabin to a book nook and kick Bryon out of his man cave!?!?

    So glad you got to go…..hope it leads to more/another publishing contract! By the way, you look fabulous in your purple sequined dress! WOWzer!! Leslie

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