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I did a lot of research for my sexy Sasquatch shifter story, Shifted in Seattle, before choosing my book’s setting. For most of us, the first place we think of when we picture a Bigfoot is probably the Pacific Northwest. So much lush secluded territory up there. If ever there was a place a Sasquatch could hide for a few centuries, that is it!

The Lummi Nation features prominently in my story and guess what? There have been Bigfoot sightings there through the years.

You can read three original newspaper articles about a few of the sightings here:

* The Vancouver Sun, Wednesday, November 12, 1975, “Now It’s Sasquatch vs. the Indians”

* San Francisco Chronicle, Wednesday, November 12, 1975,“Residents of a Pacific Northwest Indian Reservation Report a rash of sighting of Bigfoot”

* Seattle Times, Saturday, November 15, 1975, “Sasquatch Reports Stir Up Reservation”

There’s a reason Sasquatches hang around Indian reservations. Find out why..

Shifted in Seattle – Coming Oct. 3, 2016


No one’s ever captured a Sasquatch.
Until now.

Sasquatches have roamed the Pacific Northwest for centuries, hiding in the wilds of the northern territories and protected by the Lummi nation.

When Seattle author Ethan Lane’s secret is exposed after a first date with Ruby Parsons goes wonderfully right, then horribly wrong, he’s faced with betraying his clan or losing his only chance at true love and a normal life.

Sometimes love gets hairy.




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