Reaper Rules: The Daily Grind

Every job has rules employees must follow. Reaping is no different. Wait, yeah, it’s a lot different. But there are still rules.

A reaper’s sole job is to collect and carry souls to Purgatory for sorting. They have territories they cover. Most work alone. Occasionally, there are complications, and that is how The Reaper Series was born.

In book one, Reap & Repent, reapers must adhere to the basic tenets of reaping, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • There are reapers for every species supernatural and otherwise, not one Santa Claus of Death, although Grim is a real reaper.
  • Reapers are immortal as long as their life energy isn’t completely diminished beyond recovery, and they keep their heads. Literally. Decapitation is a deal breaker and permanent death.
  • Reapers are the perfect vessel for demons because they can hold many, many more souls and don’t burn out from the toxic demon essence. It took a while for this to be discovered.
  • Reapers can share Reiki light energy to heal one another or manipulate the auras/actions of humans when necessary. Not recommended for extensive use on humans as it fries their brains and psyches over the long term.
  • The more energy shared with/by reapers, the stronger the bond
  • Reapers are born to supernatural reaper parents. They are in effect their own species like angels or demons etc. but appear human with enhanced abilities, which continue to manifest throughout their lives.
  • Reapers stop aging at the time of their first successful solo reaping and continue virtually immortal.
  • Reapers cannot procreate if they have been traveling the consecrated subway or reaping souls. Must be inactive on both accounts for many, many months (up to a year) before they are fertile again, and then reaper mothers must refrain from traveling/reaping until the child is born.
  • Reapers are raised and trained from birth to fulfill their job and destiny. 

Being a reaper isn’t all rainbows and unicorns on a good day. But when demons invade the realm? There’s a good chance it could all go to Hell.

Want to read more? Reap & Repent, from Harlequin E, now available at all ebook retailers. 


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  1. What fun…this has peaked my curiosity!

  2. You made reapers so cool.

  3. And to think you pantsed this book!