Reap What You Sow Wednesday: Add me on Google+

Google+ screen shot

People wonder why I didn’t use a pen name for my writing. Google+ is just one example of a situation where even having only ONE name makes keeping track of things complicated.

I have two Gmail accounts. One personal and another for my author persona. While I use my real name, it still gets confusing. Google+ won’t let you combine accounts if you have more than one Gmail address soooooo two Gmail addresses means two Google+ accounts.

Make sure you add me at the correct account. I do not maintain my lisamedleyauthor Google+ account. If you’d like to keep up with me on Google+, add and follow me here:

Otherwise, you’ll just be flailing in the breeze, wondering why I haven’t posted in ages.

See you over there.

One Response to Reap What You Sow Wednesday: Add me on Google+

  1. I haven’t posted on Google+ in ages anyway, but it looks like I am following you at the right account.