Reap & Redeem: Book Two of The Reaper Series


It’s official! Book two in The Reaper Series is complete. At 78,000 words, it’s still 2K shorter than I’d like, but it’s out to the beta readers, and I am hopeful that in the second round of edits it will grow a bit.

I seem to be on a July/January writing schedule. I began Reap & Redeem on July 15, 2012 and finished it yesterday. JANO2013 has helped inspire me to complete both novels in January.

I used to get really frustrated with my favorite authors for only putting out one book a year. Now I know why. Writing is hard. Especially when you are trying to hold down a day job and keep the family happy. Luckily for me, my family has been very supportive. I’ve also spent many weeknights up past midnight working what amounts to a second job for free.

But you know what? It’s worth it. I used to wonder if I could ever write a novel. Now I know. And the answer is, YES.

I have enough characters for at least ten novels in this series. Maybe more. Book three, Nate’s story, is already beating at the door of my mind, but he’s just going to have to be content to wait. I have a plan. And a mission. Until his time comes, I’m filing away his wild ramblings and crazy ideas in his own little folder on my hard drive under Reap & Reveal.

He’ll get his day.

Just not this day.

On another note, I was excited to get my Romance Writers of America PRO membership pin in the mail this week. It makes me feel…professional. Ish.

My brain is mush right now. I’m going back to book one and beginning work on a series bible so I can keep all my ducks in a row. It’s amazing how unwieldy two books can be. I can’t imagine what the inside of Laurell K. Hamilton’s head feels like. She’s on book twenty-three in the Anita Blake series {bows down in awe}.

I have to tame this beast now. They only grow more fierce with neglect.

Trust me.

2 Responses to Reap & Redeem: Book Two of The Reaper Series

  1. Awesome work, Lisa. Keep it up!

  2. Your blog looks fantastic! I can’t wait to read Nate’s book. Can’t wait to find out what he is.