Prepping for a New Year of Writing: Plotting 2014


I’m working on my third synopsis this weekend in advance of two of our local writing groups’ upcoming events. As I wait for my beta readers to return their feedback on Reap & Reveal before I send it on to Angela, I’m looking ahead to what might be coming next.

I’ve had an idea for a ghost romance rumbling around my brain for a while now. It came to me one night when I was trying to fall asleep and was failing miserably. The bad thing about working late into the night (and sometimes morning) is that often my brain just won’t turn off when I walk away from the keyboard.

The night of the ghost romance idea was the perfect example. I grabbed my iPhone and typed away with my tired thumbs from bed as I expelled the basic elements of the story into the Notes app. It turned out to be a pretty long note! It tried twice to fall to sleep before I had to grab my phone again and add a few more details.

Purged of the mental Post-its, I finally fell asleep. I printed it out a few days later and added to my Novel Ideas folder.

When I pulled it back out Friday night to finally begin fleshing out the story, I got more and more excited about it. Researching the writing of a new novel is a rush. So many possibilities! The hardest part, once the ball is rolling, is reining the thing in.

I ended up with a four-page synopsis I feel really good about 🙂

Next I moved on to an idea I had for a new Harlequin E Erotic Vacation subgenre. It would definitely be a departure from my other books, and I could only rustle up a one-page synopsis for it. The expected word count is much smaller 15-50K. Right now it feels like it might flesh out to 20-30K. It’s hard to tell until the thing takes flight. 

The third synopsis is for a fourth book in The Reaper Series. I’m tentatively calling it Reap & Reclaim. There were several loose ends and unanswered questions lingering from book three. I’m thinking that all of those Reaper Authority Force reapers, who were coincidentally named after angels, aren’t quite what they appear. It may take a few books to reveal their true origin and mission.

Right now, I keep coming back to Haunt My Heart. It’s my brain squirrel at the moment. Every few minutes I find myself Googling something else dealing with HMH research instead of my Reclaim synopsis. I’m taking it as a sign.

January first is the launch date for #JANO2014. JANO is like NANOWRIMO only sponsored by Sleuths’ Ink and Ozarks Romance Authors, the two bestest writing groups in the Ozarks.

JANO officially begins January 1 but gets a huge push at our 3rd Annual Mega Critique & Write-In. It’s a fun day of writerly fellowship and high word counts.

Anyone can attend. We’ll even feed you lunch!

If you’d like a sneak peak of where I’m headed with Haunt My Heart, you can check out my Pinterest board.

It’s good to be Queen.


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  1. Love that stage when all the creative juices are flowing. I was hoping to be there right now too, but my brain is just too foggy with pneumonia meds. Maybe next week!