Pondering The Possibilities

This has been an insane fourteen days.

On Sunday, Sept. 30, I uploaded the first 5,000 words of my first-ever paranormal romance novel, Reap ‘Em & Weep, to the Harlequin So You Think You Can Write contest page. My heart beat in my ears like a jackhammer after I hit that submit button. All I could hear was that ocean sound you get when you hold a huge seashell up to your ear.

Then I sat back and watched my story appear on their site…like it was a REAL THING. It was very validating.

As I sat there, admiring my freshly pressed story, I noticed the quivering Twitter feed going crazy over on the sidebar. What’s this I asked?

I had a Twitter account already and a paltry 45 followers. I never visited it nor used it. But when I clicked on the Twitter JOIN THE CONVERSATION box…all hell broke loose. I’ve been obsessed with the #sytycw2012 hashtag ever since.  What with checking the Twitter hashtag…repeatedly, following other contestants and acknowledging new followers, I’ve done precious little else. Some how 103 people (mostly strangers) have found me interesting enough to follow which is pretty cool in that slightly cyber-stalker sort of way.

No new words on Reap & Redeem, book two in the Reaper Romance series, however since September 24. It’s been THAT intense. I did make it through yet another complete edit of RE&W just in case I should get so lucky as to make the Top 25, and they ask for my manuscript submission. I also sent it out to two more beta readers who are also writers. Every set of writer eyes helps make my ms sparkle and shine in the moonlight of my reapery graveyard.

On the wave of happiness that my story on the SYTYCW contest page also received 318 LIKES (totally unrelated to voting), I bit the bullet, signed up and paid for my attendance at the RT Booklover’s Convention in KC May 1-5. It is not cheap, but will be an amazing experience.

And on TOP of all of that, my friend Allison Merritt has been working her digital fingers to the bone on this AMAZINGLY AWESOME BANNER AND BOOK COVER…

You’re gonna see them everywhere now because I’m in love with them both 😉

Official SYTYCW word is they’ll begin contacting the Top 25 plus three wildcards tomorrow and through the week. I’ll be obsessively refreshing my email just in case.

Regardless of the outcome this was an amazing experience. I got so much positive feedback from family, friends and strangers it makes it easy to slide behind my laptop and get back to work on book two. I know now people are interested in the story, and it’s totally worth pursuing.

You can’t ask for much more than that.

And to everyone who voted last week, repeatedly or even once…THANK YOU! You guys are awesome. They say we’ll get to see how many votes we got at some point, but I honestly don’t care. The notes, comments and LIKES made it all worthwhile.

If you haven’t LIKED my Facebook Author page, you can here. I update my personal page more, but will try to be better about keeping it up-to-date.

Thanks again…to be continued.

10 Responses to Pondering The Possibilities

  1. Good luck at Harlequin and the convention in May.I hope to hear more, lots more, of your writing adventures. It’s been a real pleasure trading tweets with you and the other ladies. Go get ’em.

  2. Like a rollercoaster it’s 50% fun, 50% sheer terror!

  3. Great post Lisa! It’s been a great experience. Good luck!

  4. Really enjoyed your post! Congrats on taking that big step and putting your work out there. 🙂 Good luck!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us! I really enjoyed your tweets about the voting stage. I still have my fingers crossed for the top 25! I know how terrifying that first step is, and how wonderful that first sense of validation. It’s well deserved! I love both ms and can’t wait to read more of your reapers.

  6. Avatar RLCarrier
    RLCarrier says:

    I think I voted 9 out of the 11 days so if you win by 9 votes, it’s all thanks to me! Ha! It’s been fun watching this saga unfold and watching a real life author-in-the-making! Leslie

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