ORACON 2013 Afterglow


Last weekend was amazing. I know, I know. You’ve been seeing my tweets and shares about ORACON 2013 for like what? The past six months? Well, if you are a writer or even tangentially interested in being a writer and you weren’t there… you so missed out.

More than ninety authors from all over the Midwest including Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Missouri were in attendance. This shot is the the whole gang!

The amazing Laurie McLean of Foreword Literary Agency, Holly Atkinson of Samhain and Tish Beaty of L. Perkins Agency took pitches and asked for submissions from nearly twenty authors. That alone was worth the price of admission… But wait! There’s More! 

The Dynamic Duo Jennifer Jakes and Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs (both fantastic authors in their own right) presented workshops on self-publishing as well as branding and the importance of high quality covers.

Jeannie Lin and Shawntelle Madison revealed the secrets of worldbuilding and how to get your books noticed in a crowded market. Tish Beaty gave us some great tips on self-editing our work and character development. And Leigh Michaels’ workshop on plotting backwards was inspiring.

And if that wasn’t enough, Davis Photographic Designs took headshots for authors in an event room. So this happened…

Lisa Medley Low Res

Which means you will no longer have to stare at my selfie when I tweet and share more amazing Ozarks Romance Authors events!

When I attended the Romantic Times conference this spring, I knew it was a big event. It FELT like a big event. More than two thousand in attendance. I bow down in awe to the organizers.

I would have grown an ulcer before the thing ever launched. I certainly won’t take anything for granted this coming year in New Orleans when I attend RT14.

I was so proud to be a part of planning and participating in this day. It was exhausting but all of the kind words of attendees both during and in the aftermath made it all worthwhile.

If you are interested there are like eight million pictures here. I won’t inflict them all upon you now. Although, they are fabulous.

In fact, looking at them has already given me euphoric recall and made me a little sad it’s all over.

Let’s do it again!

But let’s wait until next year 😀



7 Responses to ORACON 2013 Afterglow

  1. Even though it was my first conference, I can’t imagine one more organized than ORACON.
    The speakers and breakouts were outstanding and the food was superb. You did an amazing job. The folks next year have a high bar to climb. Thanks.

  2. You, Cecily and the board did an amazing job this year. I’ll do my best to make ORAcon2014 just as awesome!

  3. The conference was great – you (and the others!) did a fantastic job. This was my second time at this conference & both times I was impressed and came away inspired. Thanks for all you did! BTW – great photo!

  4. Great post. I can’t imagine planning an event for 2,000 either.

  5. I so wish I could have been there. Everyone worked so hard on the event–it looked like it was fabulous and I’ve read so many “glowing” comments. NEXT year I will attend. Your headshot turned out wonderful!