At last! For the first time EVER… COVER REVEAL for REAP & REVEAL.

This is the third and previously unreleased book in the Reaper series and is coming July 2015.


Well? What do you think?

Reap & Reveal blurb

By day he saves lives in the city he loves. Can he save souls too?

Nate is an EMT, a witch and a newly inducted member of the Reaper Authority Force. What’s he’s not is a reaper. With unexplained abilities, his true nature lies somewhere in between the angels, demons and reapers he finds himself involved with. When he’s paired with the reaper Maeve, he struggles to find his place in the rising war to save the souls of Meridian and the world.

Maeve has tried to hide her reaper handicap–her toxic reaper energy–from her colleagues. But when she’s possessed by a fallen angel and forced to poach souls for Hell, her greatest weakness might be the only thing that saves her.

Nate uses his growing powers and his innate magic to find Maeve. He’ll do whatever it takes to save her, revealing more than he ever imagined in the process.

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3 Responses to New COVER REVEAL for REAP & REVEAL

  1. So glad Nate gets his own story!

  2. awesome cover…. love it. can’t wait to read!