My First Rejection Letter

I received my first official rejection letter today via email response.

It wasn’t a surprise. I knew it was coming for several reasons. One, my first thirty pages of Reap ‘Em & Weep are not as strong as they need to be. Two, my synopsis was extremely lame. Three, I inadvertently insulted the agent during the sample query session at the conference I attended with my attempt at query humor. Lots of lessons learned there.

I’ve been expecting it to arrive any day now and have been obsessively checking my email and re-searching my inbox in the event it got buried in the flood. This afternoon as I pulled into my garage at the end of the day and checked my phone for the umpteenth time, there it was. It was actually a relief.

It was short and sweet but also kind and encouraging. Pretty much the perfect mix I think. Here it is:

Dear Ms. Medley,

Thank you for giving me the chance to consider the partial for REAP ‘EM & WEEP.  I think this is a cute title, and you’re clearly a promising writer, but, unfortunately, I was not sufficiently enthusiastic to feel that I would be the best advocate for this work.

 Best wishes for finding a good agent and publisher.


A Fabulous Agent

Now that I’m 34K into book two, Reap & Redeem, of my trilogy, I know I have several changes to make in book one. I still have a partial of RE&W out to one other agent, but I expect the same result and that is okay.

When I’m finished with Reap & Redeem, I plan to spend several months polishing both books, tying up my loose ends, writing smokin’ good synopse then hitting the agent circuit hard.

My goal is to have them both publish-ready by May 1, 2013 when I go to the RT Convention in Kansas City. There will be lots of editors, publishers and agents there, and I’ll be ready. Especially now that I’ve been through the entire experience..twice.

I’m buying a frame for my rejection letter and hanging it above my writing desk for inspiration. Stephen King hung all of his rejection letters in his attic bedroom on a nail above his bed.

I’ll save number two for the nail.


6 Responses to My First Rejection Letter

  1. I know it hurts though. I’m really proud of you for taking the plunge. It will help you in the long run. Keep bringing them to ORA critique. I really enjoy your writing even though para isn’t my thing.

  2. Kudos for having an excellent attitude. You’re on the right path, you’re just not at the end of your journey yet. 🙂

  3. Avatar RLCarrier
    RLCarrier says:

    Awwww Shucks…….! Or as Ron would say, “Dadgummit!” Oh well, into every life shall fall at least one rejection letter, so now you have yours and you can move on to acceptance letters! Lessons learned all around, it sounds like, not the least of which is to improve upon your query humor! Is there a workshop for that!?!?

    Hugs anyway….you’re still the closest “author” I’ll ever know! 😉 Leslie

  4. I’m not quite at the rejection stage yet, but I plan to frame my first rejection letter too. It’s evidence of your big step into the publishing world. Good luck on your future submissions!

  5. All right, novel written, novel rejected, now all that time you spent working on RE&W and the pitches is validated. Congratulations on being rejected! I think that she said you’re a promising writer is great! Way better than any rejection letter I ever got. Keep fighting the good fight, Lisa. Your characters deserve it.

  6. Welcome to the club, Lisa! Sorry to hear of the rejection, but VERY excited that you are officially in the next phase of your writing journey. I have no doubt that you’ll accomplish your goal in time for RWA next year. 😀