Me and Dean Winchester: Going Gold at the #Supernatural Convention Chicago #SPNCHI

Two weeks ago, I attended my first and only Supernatural Convention in Chicago. It was four days of supernatural nerdgasm. Since this was my one and only Supernatural Con, I got to go full tilt and had the Gold Package, front row.

I’m not going to lie. It was ridiculously expensive.

Sheriff Jody and Sheriff Donna who will have a new series spinoff soon called Wayward Sisters


The package came with nine actor autograph opportunities. Honestly, I’ve never really had much interest in seeking autographs. They just don’t mean that much to me, but I did get caught up in the fever and managed to collect them ALL. It was a challenge. I won.


I also paid for two photo ops with Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester). I really only meant to buy one, but a fortuitous double click caused me to have two. I could have sold one at the con. I didn’t. I decided to use it for a Reap & Repent promo. Considering Jensen’s voice was in my head the entire time I was writing my reaper hero, Deacon Walker, it only seemed right.






Creation also has cons for The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek and more. Whatever your jam is…there’s a con for that. It’s fun being with a bunch of people who nerd out over the same things you do.


I was nervous about those photo ops the entire weekend. The ops weren’t until the last day of the con. Thank God they were early in the day. The wait was excruciating. I wasn’t nervous about meeting Jensen. I was more nervous about the photos being crappy. Mostly about the way I LOOKED being crappy. I knew Jensen would turn out great, because SERIOUSLY. Have you seen that man?

They herded the crowd through crazy fast. Each op took a total of 10 seconds each. But by God, they happened. And the pics turned out fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Overall it was a very fun experience. Lots of Supernatural fans attend con after con and make lasting friendships along the way. It’s a tribe. A family. The SPN FAMILY they call themselves. I made a few new friends there as well, and I’m happy to count them among my people. I took most of these pics from my seat.

I’m working to get all of my autographed pics framed and on the Supernatural Shrine wall in my writing cave. So far so good.






Next, I have my eyes set on Wizard World in St. Louis and eventually Dragon Con in Atlanta.

So many cons. So little money.

If you’d like to read the book I wrote that was inspired by the reapers of Supernatural and imagine Dean’s voice as you do so…you can start the series free here:

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  1. Oh!!! I didn’t know you went gold first row – you went big! I have to say, the cons are addictive. I’ve been to a few Star Trek cons, and went to Planet Comicon. Wizard World and C2E2 are on my wish list. So glad you went and had such a great time!

  2. That conference was made for you!

  3. It looks great! I’ll better start saving.

  4. Avatar Hélène Milliard
    Hélène Milliard says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    You are a lucky woman!😍