Making Something Where I Am

I’ve been thinking hard about writing and why I keep doing it. Or in the case of the past two months, not doing it.

Writing is hard. It’s also fun when things go right. It’s even more fun when books sell and that hard work literally pays off.

I started writing in July of 2011 and was largely inspired to do so when that guy in the video down below (and my co-worker at the time) Jeff Houghton made a crazy, mad dash to L.A. to try his luck at acting for a year. I thought, if he can do THAT to follow his dream, surely I can go upstairs, make a writing cave and follow mine.

(You can read all about it here:  ) 

We both did that. Followed a dream.

Jeff has been back in our small Missouri metropolis following his dream for five years now. I’ve been writing for six.

He recently made this inspirational video about being creative and following your dreams…wherever you are.


What’s your passion?

Maybe you can make something where you are.

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3 Responses to Making Something Where I Am

  1. I saw Jeff’s video and loved it, too! I know you can keep writing, Lisa. You are really good at it and your characters are very true-to life (even when they’re ghosts).

  2. Awesome message. Great video. Great post, Lisa!

  3. Now I know that face. He makes a great host for The Mystery Hour. He needs to be in a bigger market, but we’re happy to have him here.