Lucky Loser

I have had a really, really lucky month.

This month I made it into the Harlequin Top 28 So You Think You Can Write Finalists out of 700 global entries. It was an amazing feat. I still don’t know if I was in the Top 25 because when I invoked my tribe (that would be YOU), you came out in force and voted like crazy for me for eleven straight days OR if I was one of three wildcards chosen by the editors.

Either way, it’s been an amazing ride. The analogy of a roller coaster would not be unfit here.

As Tom Petty croons, the waiting was the hardest part.

The Top 3 finalist were supposed to be announced on Monday, Nov. 5. But then came Hurricane Sandy and the U.S. presidential election. While many contestants were from Canada, the UK and Austrailia, apparently much of the contest revolved from the New York office. The NY office was out of power, internet and phones on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday.

Finally Thursday evening they announced via Twitter. I was not a finalist.

You can read the Top 3 finalist entries here. If you were planning to vote for me…I would humbly ask that you now vote for Jennifer Drogell’s entry, The Divorce Party. She’s a gem of a girl, and her first chapter will leave you begging for more. Voting commences Nov. 16. I’ll remind you. In fact, if you are my Facebook friend, you won’t be able to avoid knowing 🙂

The entire contest has been wonderful. More than forty entrants now (including the top 28) have received requests for full manuscripts to be considered. And those are only the ones on the #sytycw2012 Twitter hastag that we know about.

The ride may not be over. I could still be contacted. I am actually hoping to get some sort of feedback from the editor (or editors) who read my manuscript. There was no promise of that so who knows.

Currently I am 60K into my reaper sequel, Reap & Redeem, and I have introduced several new reapers who will (of course) eventually need their own stories. I smell a series.

God knows how I love a good series.



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  1. Avatar Susan Keene
    Susan Keene says:

    Great post.   it is always better to be kind than to be right…………….. Susan


  2. Avatar Susan Keene
    Susan Keene says:

    It was nice seeing you today.  I am heading for bed.  Thanks for helping me.

      it is always better to be kind than to be right…………….. Susan


  3. Good to see you still working hard. Such an intriguing premise. Even for someone like myself who doesn’t read a lot of paranormal it sucked me in.

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  5. Hi Lisa, I posted over on the sytycw thread at HQ but don’t know whether you saw it. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your chapter. I’m not someone who usually reads nocturne or has any interest in the paranormal but your chapter really hooked me in. I am confident you’ll do well, even though you didn’t make the top 3. Congratulations on getting to the top 28 , that is no mean feat.

  6. I LOVE the positivity from everyone in this contest! As a first timer I certainly did not expect to make friends( mostly on twitter and some on Facebook) with the contestants who where competing against me. It really was a wonderful experience! And I know we will see more from you Lisa…I loved your chapter and everyone that I loved so far was in the top 28 or has already been requested! Good Luck!

  7. Yay for a series! I loved what I read of Reap & Redeem, and I keep hearing great comments from others who have read it, as well. You’re obviously onto something!

  8. Way to go, Lisa. To make it into the tip 28…wow!!

  9. Thank you so much Lisa! I loved your chapter and can’t wait to read your reaper series! I know I will! xo

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