Learn the truth of Sasquatch’s stealthy past and sexy future… #BigFoot #paranormal #romance

There have been an incalculable number of Bigfoot sightings through the years in the US alone. Somehow, even with a cell phone in the hand of virtually every ten-year-old in the country, there still hasn’t been any clear and definitive evidence brought forth to answer the question of Sasquatch’s existence once and for all.

Here are the 6 Most Believable BIGFOOT Sightings so far… until SHIFTED IN SEATTLE that is.

Learn the truth of Sasquatch’s stealthy past and sexy future…

Shifted in Seattle – New Release!



No one’s ever captured a Sasquatch.
Until now.

Sasquatches have roamed the Pacific Northwest for centuries, hiding in the wilds of the northern territories and protected by the Lummi nation.

When Seattle author Ethan Lane’s secret is exposed after a first date with Ruby Parsons goes wonderfully right, then horribly wrong, he’s faced with betraying his clan or losing his only chance at true love and a normal life.

Sometimes love gets hairy.



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2 Responses to Learn the truth of Sasquatch’s stealthy past and sexy future… #BigFoot #paranormal #romance

  1. Nothing personal, but I’m not that excited about the thought of making love to a bigfoot. I don’t like hairs in my mouth.