Keep On, Keeping On

I started book three in The Reaper Series.

This is Nate’s story. It’s called Reap & Reveal. To be honest, it’s felt slow and painful here at the beginning. Today, I finished at 12,259 words. I’m not sure why this one has been such a herky-jerky process.

I actually made about five pages of notes before I even began. Maybe that’s the difference? Maybe trying to convert from pantser to plotter has its consequences. Sucks some of the magic out of it?

Reap & Repent is still out for copyedits and no news on a release date. Reap & Redeem is with the HQ acquisitions team, and I’m waiting anxiously to see if they’ll officially pick it up. I felt good about book two. It was the easiest to write so far because I was a little in love with Kylen. He’s a dark and tortured hero.

After getting some editor feedback on it from Angela (nothing official), I realize I tend to write fast and furiously up to the 70% point of my story, then sort of run out of steam and tack stuff on at the end. I’m going to work really hard on this one to NOT do that.

The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things and expect different results, yes? I want to do it right the first time.

I’ll probably never do it right the first time.

But I will keep trying. I’m hopeful that my story will break over soon and then I can ride its wave. I continually alternate between thinking it’s total crap and okay. The author’s curse in all its glory. This is the EXACT reason authors become alcoholics. 

Lucky for me I don’t really like booze that much. Sure a gin and tonic with a twist is nice from time to time, but give me a bag of chocolate… Good God, man! I could put a hurt on that.

2 Responses to Keep On, Keeping On

  1. “Slow and painful,” that sounds like my typical writing process. Maybe it does go with being a plotter. For me, the magic is in the research and plotting stage. The actual writing is like squeezing out drops of blood. There are pros and cons to every approach. I’m hoping it’s going to mean fewer revisions for me in the end, but that remains to be seen.