I Have An Editor!

welcome writing After much waiting (okay, so it wasn’t that long, but I am exceedingly impatient), I have an editor! Yesterday, the amazing Miss A (keeping her secret identity for now, ha!) contacted me to tell me she has been assigned as my editor. We exchanged several emails, and I love her already. And let me tell you, there’s a lot to love about her. She spent the last five years working as an editor for a MAJOR NY PUBLISHER before signing on with HARLEQUIN.

Uh, yeah…she’s da bomb. Lucky for you, dear reader, she’ll soon have me sparkling like a scythe in the moonlight. I’ll speak with her again next week, and she expects to get my first edits to me mid April. Then…it’s game on!

Speaking of editors…you have an opportunity to unleash YOUR inner editor on the first page of my second book in The Reaper Series, Reap & Redeem. I’m on the chopping block over at historical romance author Mia Marlowe’s page which you can find HERE. Edit on!*

*No editors were consulted in the writing of this post. All mistakes are my own. Sigh.

4 Responses to I Have An Editor!

  1. How exciting! I love reading about all the steps of your success. Woohoo!

  2. Avatar RLCarrier
    RLCarrier says:

    Yes, good for you! Congrats! How crazy that you got the good news of an editor on the same day you were getting the sad/bad news about staff cuts at CBCO. Life has a weird way of balancing itself, doesn’t it?? You’re on your way and we’re excited to see where it goes!! Hi to Bryon and Grace! Leslie

  3. Congratulations on getting your editor. I continued to be amazed (chagrined) at what my editor catches. Just remember, the more you bleed and weep, the better your book will be.

  4. That is great, Lisa. I love the new title!