How The Plot Thickens

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Last week my spanky friend, Cara Bristol, posted on how she plots. You can find Cara’s post here. She had some great advice. As she begins her tenth book, I’m still writing through my third and her advice was timely.

So far, my biggest writing problem seems to be weaving my plot and subplot lines together simultaneously. I already have a tendency to wrap thing up around the seventy percent mark then tack on some … But wait! There’s more!

While tackling my structural edits for book two and attempting to rearrange my last third plot line, I cut apart my chapter-by-chapter synopsis (I’ve done one for each book which I find very helpful) and tried rearranging it on my wall.

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Trying to do this on my laptop alone is nearly impossible. I need the visual, and I just can’t see it all on my screen. Once I had the chapters reordered in a better way, I renumbered my chapters on the opposite wall.

Then I got down to the hard work: the rewrite. Of course, spending  some more time in Kylen and Alivia’s story isn’t all bad.

That said, my goal for book three is to avoid the last third rewrite. I love you Nate and Maeve, but let’s write it right the first time this time 🙂

Write on.



4 Responses to How The Plot Thickens

  1. So far I’ve been doing all my plotting in the computer, but right now I am taking handwritten notes on each character’s personal arc to make it easier to see where the problems are. Sometimes seeing it written down makes all the difference!

  2. Wish I could plot. It just takes all the fun out of it for me.

  3. Computers are great, but sometimes you just have to see a hard copy spread out.