Harlequin E Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Box Set Author Neely Powell Talks About The Connelly Witches

The Connelly Witches from Neely Powell

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Our latest paranormal romance, WITCH’S AWAKENING, is set in the mountains of North Georgia, but for us the story began in Ireland. It’s the first of the miniseries called The Connelly Witches, which includes Brenna Connelly Burns, who is a strong white witch; Fiona Connelly Burns, her sister, who is also a medium; and Eva Grace Connelly, who has the gift of empath along with her magic. They live in a small mountain community called New Mourne, Georgia.

To create our magical, fictional town, we twisted history a bit to have the community settled in the 1700s by a family of witches from Ireland.

In reality, Ireland was in the grip of the “Great Frost” in 1740. In our story, crops wouldn’t grow in the frozen earth even with the help of magic from the Connelly Witches. The family headed west to a fresh start in America and crossed into the mountains of Georgia.

The Southern Appalachians reminds them of the Mourne Mountains of their homeland, thus the town’s name. We could hear it dripping off their tongues, spoken with a musical lilt and a hint of sadness. New Mourne—a place to plant their traditions and grow.

Like all pioneers, the Connellys faced great struggles. Their pure, white magic was tested by evil. The price of survival was a terrible promise, a curse hanging over them for centuries to come.

Today, the youngest Connelly coven members are thoroughly modern. Their DNA now holds that potent mix of races and cultures that is pure American. But the power of their Irish ancestors still enriches their spells. New Mourne is still a reflection of the place where their magic was born. Ireland is still in their souls. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the Connelly generation with enough Irish strength to break their curse.

Find out what happens to THE CONNELLY WITCHES in WITCH’S AWAKENING, the first ebook of the series by Neely Powell, available March 3. As part of boxed set of paranormal/urban fantasy novels from Harlequin, it is included with REAP & REPENT by Lisa Medley, WICKED INK by Misty Simon, and HER WILD PROTECTOR by Naomi Bellina.

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Neely Powell is co-writers Leigh Neely and Jan Powell. We write novels about shifters, witches, werewolves, faeries and ghosts, mixing in shades of romance, mystery and thrillers—the kind of books we both enjoy reading. Our latest is WITCH’S AWAKENING, published by Harlequin E.

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