Gravitating to Graveyards

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I got completely lost yesterday.

For my day job, I’m a vampire for a local blood bank. I travel around organizing blood drives across five counties and am responsible for nearly ten thousand donations a year. Most days go smoothly since I’ve covered the same ground for the past nine years now, but one wrong turn yesterday took me completely off the map and into parts unknown.

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The unexpected writerly benefit was I found some super cool graveyards.

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You probably don’t really pay much attention to cemeteries. Once you start looking, you’ll see they are like Chinese restaurants and banks…there’s one on every corner.

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I am particularly drawn to decrepit and neglected graveyards. There is an abundance of such places in the rural countryside. Most rely on volunteers to mow the grounds and some haven’t been mowed in a very long time.

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Those are the best.

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I especially like broken tombstones and those worn slick by time and the elements.

If you’d like to read my sentiments on the tradition of burying our dead in steel boxes, you can find a post here.

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No one will ever admire my broken tombstone, but that’s okay.

Since I write reapers, I find graveyards inspiring.

Sometimes you can find inspiration in the strangest places.

9 Responses to Gravitating to Graveyards

  1. Way to be observant! Sounds like a great little adventure.

  2. I love looking round old grave yards especially the really old ones Lisa. So much history. I like to imagine what their world might have been like. Great pictures 🙂

  3. You would love Boston, LIsa. There are tons of old graveyards here. I love to read the inscriptions and it’s not unusual to stumble on someone’s name I recognize from my HS history class.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Such great inspiration for someone who writes about reapers. Vampire by day, writer of reapers by night!

  5. Great post! Thank you for sharing! 🙂