Grave Discoveries: St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans – Part Two

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Last week I showed you a few of the highlights from St. Louis Cemetery, No. 1 in New Orleans. NOLA is my sort of town and this cemetery was a real gem.

First off, all of the tombs are above ground due to extensive flooding through the years. You can read some great history on that here. Yellow fever was a real problem in south and thousands succumbed to it before officials realized parading dead bodies through town before going to their resting place wasn’t the greatest idea.

The cemetery was moved back away from the city two or three times before it became what it is today. It takes up one square block but is the resting place of thousands thanks to a ruling that by tradition you can, after one year and one day, put another loved one in the same space. 

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These tombs are basically condos in the City of the Dead. Stuff one in, seal it over and a year and a day later you can add the next. Mostly the bodies go in pine or cardboard boxes and with the NOLA heat and humidity the bodies decompose to bones and ash pretty quickly. When it’s time to add another, they sweep the bodies to the back and in it goes. I admire the efficiency. I’ve never understood spending thousands of dollars on a metal box and trying to keep your corpse fine.

You’re dead.

Go with it.

Following are some of the more interesting tombs. I don’t know who’s buried in any of these but you can do some sleuthing of your own here if you are so inclined.

I am, however, fairly certain these are some long lost relatives of my own.

IMG_5964 (600x800) IMG_5973 (600x800) IMG_5918 (600x800) IMG_5966 (600x800) IMG_5969 (800x600) IMG_5974 (800x600)  IMG_5980 (800x600) IMG_5971 (600x800) IMG_5970 (600x800) IMG_5953 (600x800)

Come back next week for one more St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 post. More grave goodness than can fit into two posts.

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  1. An interesting read, Lisa. Thanks. This was my favorite part of New Orleans, too. I oouldn’t comprehend that a body would be reduced to a skeleton in such a short time, but the guy that showed us around claimed that the interior heat went up to 200 degrees pretty much all summer long. I guess that would do it.

    You have to be tempted to use this as a setting!