Grave Discoveries: Pine Hill Cemetery – A Haunting We Will Go

This week’s offering is a hidden treasure I discovered thanks to David E. Harkin’s book Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks. I was thrilled to learn several of the cemeteries he mentioned were within my day job territory. So this week as I was visiting St. James for blood drives, I wandered out to Pine Hill Cemetery. And by the way…it’s haunted.

Within this fence, you’ll find the Goat Man’s grave, witches and more.

IMG_7034 (1024x768)One does not simply happen upon Pine Hill Cemetery. It is well off the beaten path about five miles outside the St. James city limit. I wandered down a long, winding blacktop road outside of St. James down County Road 3450 (AKA Spook Hollow Road. Not making that up!).

It was a hot day and the lush greenery encroached across the road making it increasingly eerie even in the daylight. I prayed Google Maps was up for the challenge and the cell signal held. At one point there was water over the road from the previous night’s storm. Now, I drive a Ford Fusion. It is not an off-road-adventure-worthy mobile so I was a little concerned I might be getting in over my head but trudged forward.

The large limb over the road was the the second deterrent,  but I managed to skirt around it as well. I was starting to get that little tingle of foreboding in the hollow of my chest that perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe I should turn back.

After all, no one even knew I was OUT on this little side trip.

Ignoring common sense, I trudged forward.

And then the road narrowed and devolved to gravel.


Several long minutes later, I was relieved to finally arrive.

Of course there was no actual signage but Google Maps declared our adventure a success.

Here’s what I found:

IMG_7047 (1024x768)This one was especially creepy to me, like it was clawing itself up out of the ground. Pretty sure that’s a lichen covered “Lamb of God” at the top.

IMG_7051 (1024x768)It is shady cemetery for the most part and there were indeed some pine trees. This grave was just a pile of rocks. Efficient. I like it.

IMG_7046 (1024x768)I found these rock garden graves interesting.

IMG_7045 (768x1024)One thing we have in abundance in Missouri is rocks.

IMG_7037 (768x1024)Another melting Lamb of God on top. They don’t age well.

IMG_7036 (1024x768)

Broken and haphazardly placed…just how I like it.

IMG_7039 (1024x768)Can’t get much simpler than this one.

IMG_7040 (1024x768)All Hand of God and no name.

IMG_7041 (1024x768)More shade-tree graves.

IMG_7052 (1024x768)

IMG_7050 (768x1024)This one was a new combination for me. The hand pointing Heaven and to the crown according to Grave Addiction symbolizes victory or triumph over death.

IMG_7049 (768x1024)And finally a bird nest. Beginnings and endings right there.

Want to know more about the Goat Man and the witches of Pine Hill? Go get David E. Harkin’s book Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks. It’s full of haunted graveyard goodness. Also…join me right here this Friday, Aug. 1 for an interview with David E. Harkins to learn more about him and his paranormal research.

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Speaking of cemeteries. Did you know that reapers travel from consecrated ground to consecrated ground through and invisible network called the consecrated subway? It’s true. Just one of the amazing details of the the Reaper Series.

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