Grave Discoveries: Old Roach Cemetery Part 2 -Broken Stones & Hidden Stories

There are so many interesting headstones at Old Roach Cemetery I had to break it into two posts. Here are the rest of my grave discoveries.


This a seemingly forgotten corner of the cemetery. The stones are old, broken and most of the engravings worn down and illegible from time and the elements.

Perfectly appropriate for a cemetery this old and wonderfully creepy.

Certainly makes one wonder what might have crawled out of this one.

20140508_161449877_iOSThese were picked up and leaned against the tree by some helpful soul. Wonder where the bodies are?20140508_161412015_iOS


20140508_160805399_iOSI like these stones that are just lying on the ground, slowly being consumed by the cemetery.

Apparently Ann didn’t like to talk about her age since it’s clear this is a guess.20140508_161509843_iOSThis one was a little puzzling.20140508_160832852_iOSI love the patina on these old stones.




20140508_162210300_iOSThis stone with the three interlocking ring symbol marks a member of the International Order of Odd Fellows. I did an entire post about the Odd Fellows once on my other blog. You can read it here if you’d like.


20140508_161842566_iOSThis was clearly the discount version. I wonder if it’s original or a redo?


20140508_162232311_iOS  This was some deep engraving that has stood the test of time.

20140508_162130143_iOS I love these shade-tree graves.

20140508_161913818_iOSWell, that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll show you Ben Franklin’s grave from our trip to Philadelphia and Christ Church Cemetery.

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4 Responses to Grave Discoveries: Old Roach Cemetery Part 2 -Broken Stones & Hidden Stories

  1. Did I already tell you I love your cemetery trips? If I did, good for me. If I didn’t, I love them! Nothing better than a stroll through a cemetery!

  2. I love old cemeteries. When I could walk better, I strolled around the Maplewood here in town. The one my grandparents are is in Douglas County at the top of a hill. You can see clear to Arkansas.