Grave Discoveries: Ben Franklin’s Grave and Christ Church Burial Ground

IMG_6616 (800x283)

One of the highlights of our NYC/Philadelphia trip this summer was getting to visit the very historic Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia.

It’s a Colonial and Revolutionary-era cemetery with more than 1,300 markers and nearly 4,000 burials on two acres! It’s jam-packed with grave goodness.

Of course the highlight is Ben Franklin’s grave, which was actually the least architecturally interesting in the entire cemetery to me. It was just a large slab. The pennies were cool. I didn’t know it but the American tradition of leaving pennies on graves actually began with Ben Franklin’s funeral. Folks came from across the country to ‘pay their respects’. Ironic that Abe Lincoln’s face is on the coin now. Guess these visitors didn’t want to leave hundred dollar bills 😀

IMG_6618 (800x600)I think this is an early example of a Woodmen of the World marker. It was first officially founded in 1883 so I’m not sure but it fits the style.

IMG_6646 (600x800)These pedestal and table-style markers are really interesting and unusual. This is the first I’ve seen of these in my travels.

IMG_6630 (800x600)

IMG_6628 (800x600)I like the juxtaposition of the very old history and the modern skyline behind it.

IIMG_6644 (600x800)These marker/planters are ingenious! Way to multi-task!IMG_6645 (600x800)IMG_6648 (600x800)

These pyramid style markers seem Masonic to me but I didn’t find any proof of that. They are, however, very unique and this first one is elaborate.

IMG_6634 (800x600)


IMG_6641 (800x600)Lots of windy little gravel paths meandered through the grounds. You can see they were packed in like sardines.IMG_6651 (800x600) IMG_6653 (800x600)

IMG_6638 (800x600)


IMG_6654 (800x600)I really dig these old cross markers.

IMG_6658 (600x800)

IMG_6656 (800x600)Want to know where who lies here? You can download a cool map here. 

IMG_6642 (800x600)

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll show you Fox Crossing Cemetery in Pulaski County, Missouri.

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