Gearing Up For RT Convention 2014

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This week I’m thinking a lot about the upcoming Romantic Times Convention.

I went to my first ever big reading/writing related convention last summer when RT Reviews held the convention in Kansas City, Missouri. MO is my home state so it was the perfect, low cost introduction to this convention. RT Reviews is the #1 romance industry review magazine. If you read and write romance…it’s where you want to be. And their convention?

I was blown away.

So many of my favorite authors were there, and they were all very kind, supportive and uplifting. It really stoked the flames of my writing this past year.

This year I’ll attend as a PUBLISHED author not an ASPIRING AUTHOR like last year. That’s pretty amazing in itself really. For the first time ever, I’ll also get to sign Reap & Repent in the GIANT BOOK FAIR on Saturday along with the likes of Charlaine Harris, Jeaniene Frost, Michele Hauf and HUNDREDS more including several of my Ozarks Romance Author peeps. I am thrilled to be on the same list as any of them.


I have my table mostly ready to set up. I ordered a 3′ banner to hang along the front thanks to my friend Cara Bristol‘s advice. I also have candy. Lots and lots of candy. All part of my evil plan to lure in unsuspecting readers whilst brandishing my faux scythe.

While I’m in New Orleans, my BFF and I will be going on a Cemetery/Voodoo tourand then after dark a Ghost/Vampire tour. I’m pretty excited about both of those experiences. You never know where you’ll get your next big story idea.

I have a feeling NOLA will be full of them.


2 Responses to Gearing Up For RT Convention 2014

  1. I WISH I were going. It sounds like it’s going to be such a great time. How exciting to be going as a published author!

  2. Great info. Wish I could go.