Day 8: It’s Not Too Late

READER NOTE: This post was originally posted on my Life In The Big Cedars blog Jan. 8, 2012. Since I’ve decided to separate my writing posts and keep this site as my writing/author/blogging site and the other site as my online family journal, I’ll be re-posting until I get caught up. Thanks for stopping by!

Gosh, I keep toying with the idea of posting every day for a year. Other people I know have done it. I want to do it. I just don’t know if I can. I mean SURE I CAN. I just don’t know if it would be worthwhile or anyone would actually want to read it. All that glitters is not gold. Just ask S.E. Hinton.

I already have four post for January and this one would make five. I could catch up. Give it a go. Make the effort. If I get behind, maybe I could back date it. Sure I could. I might have to take up a collection for my blog book next year if I actually make it 365 days. Long term commitments are difficult.

I might forget. I might be paralyzed with self-doubt. Nah, probably not. You might see lots of pictures of a cute but slightly demonic dog.

You might get random rambling posts like this one.

Or you might get gold.

I’d bet on the rambling thing if you are a betting person.