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  • #CampNaNoWriMo to the rescue

    I started writing. Again.

    Nothing makes a writer happier than three thousand new words on a long overdue project. I got a late start on #CampNaNoWriMo but better late than never. Starting back on a stagnant project is hard. Motivation is hard. Every word feels like a trudge through quicksand, but then… But THEN, somehow when you read back later, like a few weeks and many chapters later, those words get acquainted in the bits and bytes of your iPad or laptop and suddenly seem… much better.

    This is almost universally the case for all of the books I’ve written. I expect nothing less this time.

    So even when it’s hard (and it almost always is), forward progress is the key.

    Why can’t I remember that?

    In a few short days (EIGHT!), I’ll be getting on an Amtrack train and riding to my own personal nerd Mecca. Also known as the Supernatural Convention in Chicago for four days of geeky, Supernatural immersion. You know, of course, that show started this entire writing endeavor. I loved everything about it. The grown up, Scooby Doo vibe, the cute brothers, the overarching story of good vs evil.

    It was the reapers in the series that sparked my interest and led me down this path.

    The road so far has been rocky but good.

    I’ve even written a few pages of a screenplay this month; the last scene of the Supernatural series finale, which will likely never be seen by Eric Kripke, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. I promise it is a FAN-PLEASING conclusion and could be added to the end of their final battle. You know…like ten years from now.

    I’m already plotting ways to slip those pages into Jensen Ackles’ back pocket when I pose with him for a picture next weekend.

    That would likely get me kicked out of the con and onto some sort of restraining order.

    Still might be worth it.

    I’ll give you a full recap after the con.

    Unless you see me on CNN before that.

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  • Top 10 Reasons Why Getting My Geek On at Age 48 Rocks #Geeks #Pokemon #Firefly #Cosplay #Supernatural

    I was slow to the geek game. My brother was a much better and earlier geek than I was. He’s three and a half years younger than me and was constantly trying to get me to play games with him. Boring games like Stratego and Risk. Erm, no thanks. He got into Dungeons & Dragons early, and I’m pretty sure my mom thought he was heading straight to Hell because of it or at least down some dark, drug-filled alley. Parents really didn’t understand a game that used your IMAGINATION back then. Kids who played those games were weird loners.

    Wait, maybe that was just my own judgment coming through.

    He was also a charter player of World of Warcraft. He’s has fourteen high-level characters playing the game. I’m heading over to his house soon so he can help me set up my first.

    Honestly, though, I didn’t get it. I needed games I understood and could win at. Not games that took place mostly in my head, lasted for days/weeks/years and never had a clear winner.

    Not to say I didn’t do/share/participated in my share of geeky things. Television and movies were more my bag in the 80s and 90s. I loved so many shows. M.A.S.H. was one of the first, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, all of those 30-minute sitcoms. Mine was the Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink era. Those were my people and my geekdom.

    I was always more of a geek than a nerd. I tend to think nerds are smarter and mathier than I am. #TeamGeek

    Now, at age 48, I’m finally embracing my geekiness. And friends, the geeking is good.

    Top 10 Reasons Why Getting My Geek On at Age 48 Rocks

    #10 It’s much easier to find and connect with geeks these days via the Internet, comic stores and conventions. I’ve been to three comic cons now and San Diego Comic Con is so on my bucket list. #someonesendmetickets

    #9 My little brother is no longer interested in breaking my toys.

    #8 I can DRIVE—to cons, comic stores, movies, Pokémon meet-ups—and I don’t have a curfew.

    #7 I have a job and money, which means if I want to spend $5 on a Supernatural Mystery Mini or Pokémon cards AND a $5 Starbuck’s coffee …I CAN. #bestofbothworlds

    supernatural minis
    My Supernatural dashboard diorama is coming together.

    #6 I no longer care if someone thinks I’m a geek. In fact, I feel rather proud of that label and aspire to even higher levels of geekiness. #LevelUp

    #5 We have the Twitter, which means I can interact with movie and television show actors and writers as well as authors of books I love. I get a little charge every time one of them likes or replies to my tweets. Seriously, it’s addictive, and I have to dial back my stalking tendencies. #alltalknostalk


    felicia and ernest tweet faves

    #4 Lots of my real-life and online friends are geeks too, and we can chat across the Interwebs before, during and after especially awe-inspiring episodes and events. #lifeisgood

    #3 I am confident enough in my geekiness I’m not afraid to ask questions. If I don’t know how to battle in a Pokémon gym, I’m not above asking a ten-year-old.  #likeaboss

    My first deck. It’s small but mighty.

    # 2 I can dress up as my favorite characters and people think I’m cool. Some people think I’m cool. Random con people think I’m cool, like Captain Mal. The rest of you don’t count. #cosplayrocks


    #1 I can be a badass superhero (or trainer) even if it is only in an augmented reality game that neither the people at my day job nor my family has any interest in. Level 10, baby! #TeamValor


    What makes your geek flag fly?