Behold! Cover Reveal for The Astronaut’s Princess #SFR #SCIFI

Here it is! Jaycee at Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs did a great job in carrying through the theme and color scheme for my Cosmic Cowboys Series. 

The Astronaut’s Princess will be Episode 2. Look for a mid-February release date. 

Here is the tentative blurb:

Astronauts, Aliens and Apaches? What could possibly go wrong?

Working for a billionaire space entrepreneur has its perks: a nice paycheck, free room and board, and all the space flight hours a guy could want. But everything has a price. Astronaut Noah Wright has survived an alien attack, time travel and a wormhole, but the Apache Princess he brought back through time may be the death of him.

Ela, only daughter of Chief Itza-Chu of the Mescalero Apaches, finds herself out of place and out of time. Everything she knows of her early 1800’s life has vanished. Her savior and protector, Noah, is kind, but he’s not her family and certainly not Apache. Her only wish is to get home, but returning through the wormhole that brought her to the future threatens more than her past, causing her to have to rediscover what home really is.

But wait, there’s more…

It’s not too late to get caught up! Start the series here:  

Space Cowboys & Indians 

How can the chance of a lifetime go so horribly wrong? 
Mining Engineer Cole Hudson signed up for NASA astronaut training, but after washing out short of getting his gold wings, he retreats to Alaska where he stakes out a gold claim. When billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Janson offers him an opportunity to join a mining team on an asteroid, Cole jumps at the chance. 
But nothing is as it seems. 

Former NASA reject and rival classmate, Tessa Hernandez, is also a member of the team, and from the beginning of the mission test flight, things go wrong. They soon discover they’re not the only ones on the asteroid. As they try to escape, they are pulled through a wormhole and back to the early 1800s New Mexico desert where aliens and Apaches may be the least of their problems.