First Read…an excerpt from Reap & Redeem.

???????????????????????As promised, here is an excerpt from Chapter One of Reap & Redeem.

Remember Reap & Redeem is the second in the The Reaper Series. It’s Kylen’s story and will be available October 6, 2014.

Here’s the blurb:

Kylen is finally freed after being possessed by a demon for a century, but to what end? The love of his life is dead, and his soul is tormented by the crimes the demon used him to commit. Hunting and killing the demons invading Meridian, Arkansas is the only thing keeping him alive in his broken state, but after he inadvertently saves Alivia Evans, a human woman, from demonic possession, he finds a new purpose. This beautiful stranger needs him to keep her alive, and in protecting another’s soul, Kylen find a new hope for saving his own.

The only thing worse than having nothing to live for…is having everything to live for.

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Ready for the excerpt? Here you go!

Reap & Redeem

Chapter One 

Kylen kicked the head across the floor of the dark shed with his steel-toed boot. Blood dripped into a pool on the floor from his scythe, which he still gripped tightly with one hand. He straightened to his full height and tilted his neck from side to side, listening to his spine crack and pop. Another demon down.

“You don’t have to keep killing them yourself, you know,” Deacon said, grimacing at the black ooze spilling out of the severed neck.

“Yeah, I do.” Kylen turned and walked to the door, taking a quick survey of the cemetery. A dark, sticky trail marked his course.

“You have to admit, he’s efficient.” Nate picked up the head by the hair and dropped it into a black garbage bag.

“That’s one way to look at it.” Deacon pressed his hand, which was glowing with Reiki energy, to the center of the dead male’s chest, directly over his heart chakra.

Kylen watched as light radiated from Deacon, encasing him and the body in a soft glow. The demon boiled forth from the dead human host in a thick black torrent of sulfurous haze. Spreading his arms wide, Deacon summoned the stream, which penetrated through his sternum. His body shuddered and the light around him sparked and cracked like the arc of a welder. The glow intensified to supernova status before winking out. Several smaller streams of gray light flowed forth from the ruined body, too, entering through Deacon’s mouth.

“Well? Did you retrieve all the souls?” Nate lifted the feet and legs of the body onto the tarp he’d set beside it.

Deacon frowned. “Yes.”

“How many?”

“Three.” Deacon rose and grasped the body by the shoulders, helping Nate maneuver it. “And the demon.”

“I really hate this shit.” Nate said, pulling a spool of duct tape from his backpack.

They rolled the man tightly in the tarp, taping both ends so that none of the bodily fluids would discharge in transit.

“How many more demons do you think there are?” Nate wrapped the head in a plastic bag and walked toward the door.

“Grim thinks there are at least two dozen more,” Deacon reminded him.

“Great. Slow and steady wins the race, yeah?”

“I’m not sure we have the luxury of slow and steady anymore. At this rate, we’re never going to find them all. There’s already way too much collateral damage. This many missing humans in town won’t go unnoticed much longer. We need to find their exit portals and shut down the rest of the demons. Sooner would be better than later.”

Kylen waited in the doorway, dividing his attention between the business in the shed and the cemetery grounds. Deacon was right of course. They needed to close the portals. Permanently. As it was, they were playing a game of supernatural Whac-A-Mole. Close one portal and another popped up. New entrance portals continued to open each week, which then had to be closed by Grim and Deacon. And while one batch of demons gathered their fill of souls before sliding down the small one-way shoots to Hell—the exit portals, the next batch waited for their chance. It had become a never-ending battle and the reapers needed to press on.

They didn’t bother cleaning up the black ooze or the blood trail. The only way to make sure the scene was completely clean was fire, but arson would be sure to draw more attention to the mower garage by the edge of the cemetery than a few stains that could easily be oil or fuel. None of them were concerned about the law. There were far worse things for them to worry about.

They’d burn the body at home, and then bury the ashes and bits of bone. Just as they’d dealt with the other eleven. This host’s disappearance would never be explained. Good thing, since the guy’s head was detached.


Nate continued to insist they could at least try to save the hosts, but Kylen was adamant that it was in no one’s best interest. After all, the hosts were only human. A demon’s essence burned through a human body like dry tinder. If a host did manage to somehow survive the first twenty-four hours, their delicate psyche would be so damaged that there wouldn’t be anything left to save. Without the demon to animate them, they would be nothing but a babbling husk.

Kylen knew a thing or two about possession.

He’d spent the past hundred years with a demon riding his body. Being a reaper had its perks as well as its challenges. One perk was that it was damn difficult to die. As long as a reaper fueled enough and kept his head, he was immortal, so Kylen’s body could have withstood the demon’s toxic venom indefinitely. The downside was that it was damn near impossible for a reaper to kill himself. The demon had always kept Kylen’s body nourished enough to maintain the necessary energy flow, and though Kylen had occasionally been able to break through and wrest control from the demon, it had never been for long enough.…

Kylen had possessed the will.

Just not the means.

Then he had finally been freed, and somehow he had survived both the possession and the freeing.

Most days, he wished he hadn’t.

“Let’s get out of here.” Deacon hoisted the wrapped-up body over his shoulder and left the building, crossing the invisible barrier onto the consecrated soil of the dark cemetery. “Ready to go home, Kylen?” He placed his palm on the nearest headstone, and Nate followed suit.

“I can’t wait.” Kylen placed his hand on the stone as well, and the three men began to shimmer as they were drawn into the consecrated subway.


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  1. Love Kylen! Can’t wait for this one.