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This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes, get into the nitty-gritty of the many paranormal worlds and enter into the fertile imaginations of authors I love. Bring a flashlight. It’s sometimes dark in here, but so worth the trip. Remember, monsters need love too. Otherwise, how would we ever have baby monsters?

Think on THAT a while…

Welcome, Author Brandy Nacole! You’ve just released Raging Storm (Spiritual Discord, 2).  Tell us a little bit about your story.

Raging Storm

Do you consider your book(s) urban fantasy or paranormal romance? What attracted you to the genre?

Urban Fantasy.   I’ve always been interested in the unordinary, of what we don’t see every day.  Writing Urban Fantasy allows me to create a story outside of reality and I love it.  There are no rules, no ‘that’s not possible’, because anything is possible.  I also love the action.  Yes, there is the romance in the background, but the action is what keeps me on my seat and having me stay up late into the night.

Let’s talk beasties. Do any monsters make appearances in your novels. If so, tell us about a few of them. Do you have a favorite? Don’t lie. Every parent…erm…author…does. Spill it. If not, what makes your book paranormal, urban fantasy or science fiction?

In my Spiritual Discord series there are a few beasties.  There’s Falon, alpha of the hellhounds.  Kayson, a fallen angel.  Sabrina, a vampire a.k.a. a half blood created from Lucifer’s blood children.  And as the series unfolds, other beasties make an appearance: witches, werewolves, succubus, etc.  My favorite is Sabrina.  She’s tough and will stand up against the strongest of her enemies without blinking, but she also has a soft side.

Is this a series? Stand-alone book? If it is a series, what does the future look like for this series? How many more books to come? What can we expect and more importantly…WHEN!

It’s a series.  The first two books in the series is available now: Broken Faith and Raging Storm.  As of right now there will be a total of 6 books in the series, but that may change.  I’ve been working on the plot as I’m writing the third book and there could possibly be two more.

The third book is expected to be out later this year, release date to come.  In the third installment Kayson meets with other fallen, along with other blood children who are now on his side, to go save Sabrina in Under.  Sabrina was taking during a battle by Falon and now Kayson is determined to go get her.  He runs into trouble when Iraja, a fallen angel who has an original blood child help captive under his refuge home, refuses to help him and believes that Kayson has been corrupted.  Without Iraja’s help, Kayson may not have a way into Under and Sabrina may be lost forever.

What else are you working on?

Aside from working on the Spiritual Discord series, I’m also writing a novella based on the first Halloween in a small community in America.  MaryAnn is preparing for her first gathering on All Hallows Eve, something that has never been before.  She has secrets, secrets of wanting more, of dreaming of what more could be, but those thoughts and dreams are not allowed in her time.  When MaryAnn arrives at the festival she is beyond overjoyed and excited for what the night holds, but never would she have expected what she discovers.  Jack is a spirit and he shows MaryAnn the good and the bad of the spirit world, but when dawn approaches and the spirit realm begins to close, he finds it harder to say goodbye to her than he did when he said goodbye to his life.

Of all the characters in your fictional world, which one or couple would you most like to hang out with over a long weekend? What would you do together?

That’s a tough one.  I would love to hang with Kayson and Sabrina from the Spiritual Discord series, but then again a weekend with Racquel and Micah from the Shadow World series would be awesome.  Hmmm….I guess I would go with Racquel and Micah.  Although I love all my characters, Racquel’s story has really meant a lot to me and to get to spend a weekend with her would be awesome.  I would definitely want to see her in action, being the hybrid that she is, and Micah as well.  After spending a day in their world, I would show them how this southern girl rolls and take them out wheeling for a day and then end it around a campfire and kicking it back to tell stories.  Man, if only.

Let’s talk about craft. Are you a plotter or pantser? What are the first steps you take before diving into the writing of the next book?

I’m a plotter, even though I get off course (a lot) and have to rework my plot.  I have so many different stories that I am thinking about at one time and if I don’t write them down, they get muddled.  Once I have the plot down, I work on the characters, and then dive into a new adventure.

How long does it typically take for you to write a novel.  Best case scenario? How about editing? How long will you pick at it before setting it free to the world?

Best case scenario, I can get a novel wrote in less than two months.  That’s a best case scenario that usually gets blown to bits!  So normally it takes three months.  If it’s ever over that, people better watch out because I’ll bite a head off if it’s not life or death.  Editing is the nightmare!  Isn’t it for us all ;).  I can go through the edits pretty quick, setting days aside with warning not to interrupt.  It’s the proofreading and knit-picking that gets me.

Do you have any advice to new authors or anyone considering writing fiction?

Don’t try to follow the voice of another author.  Each writer has their own voice and that is what will distinguish their books from others.  Don’t lose focus on what you want for your characters and your story.  After all, it is your story.

Can you give us a taste of what to expect? 

Running through the edge of the tree line I get lost in the feel of speed, of forgetting about my worries.  The air rushing past my body tickles my skin, and a smile breaks out across my face.  I love this feeling.  The feeling of utter freedom.  At top speed, legs pumping, and a wide span of nothingness, I am finally free to be me. 

And just like every other time before now, that feeling of freedom is stolen from me.  My legs dig into the earth as I come to a sudden stop.   The sharp sound of a branch snapping breaks through the still night.  I spin, trying to find the source of the noise.  Kayson’s blood has not only provided me with speed and sharp sight that once was an everyday state of being for me, it has also provided me with my sense of smell again. 

Hell hound.

I run.  I can move so quickly that I am unseen to the human eye, but the hounds can be just as quick.  I’ve escaped them a few times, but just barely.  I keep my hearing sharp, listening as twigs snap and leaves rustle behind me, and keep running.

But running isn’t going to cut it.  Nor do I have any weapons to help me fend off the beast.  I am going to have to outsmart this hound.  I’ve only done that once, and that time was pure luck.  I can only hope that luck will visit me again tonight. 

I dart through the forest, searching for any signs of water.  Water is the only defense any being can use to confuse a hound from his hunt.  As with their canine counterparts, water masks the scent creatures carry, making it possible to escape from the hounds. 

Panic electrifies my body as the hound increases his speed, closing in on me.  I urge my legs to pump faster, but I’m at my maximum.  I start a zigzag course through the forest, hoping the hound’s massive body won’t be able to make the tight turns.  A hound’s body is built for destruction, speed, and death.  Its massive body does have one flaw, size. 

The smell of hope crosses my path.  A clean mist lingers in the air, its smell crisp and pure.  I keep my path tangled with turns as I make my way toward that sweet freedom.  I can hear the hound smashing into trees, which slows him down, but he’s still close. 

As I get close to the source of the water, the forest opens up.  This is not good.  The open space hinders my attempt at keeping the hound at bay.  He has more room to maneuver, and no obstructions.  I will also be in plain view.  Panic grips me as my muscles begin to become weaker.  I haven’t used my body this way in decades.  Even charged by Kayson’s blood, the sudden use is overwhelming and my body begs with me to stop.  But I can’t, I only have a small distance until my destination is reached. 

The small stream isn’t very wide but I can tell it is deep.  The rocks that line the bed disappear from sight a few feet away from the bank’s edge.  I’m already preparing my body to jump in when the hound breaks through the tree line, its growling echoing through the still calm of night. 

I crouch down and leap forward.  I hear the hound growl again and feel the earth shudder as he leaves the ground.  It is only a matter of a few seconds before I reach the water, but with my speed, I have time to steal a quick glance back while in mid-air to see his ten-foot-long frame stretched forward, and his claws extended, about to swipe at me.  Just before my body reaches the water, the hounds’ claw rips into the skin on my leg, tearing down to the bone.  

I’m jerked back with incredible force, landing on the creek’s edge with a thud.  The hound leers down at me, jaws snapping.  I wiggle my way under his body as he tries to get a hold on me with his claws.  I flip over onto my stomach, and thrust my body up, knocking the hound back.  He lands only a few feet away, but it’s enough for me to get away. 


Where can we find you and your books online






Broken_FaithRaging Storm

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Also available on iBooks, Lulu, and Createspace.

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Gemini Brandy Nacole is a writer of urban fantasy books.  She is the author of the Shadow World series and the Spiritual Discord series published by Ponahakeola Press.  A reader from a young age, Brandy has always loved folklore and stories of beings that go bump in the night.

Brandy lives in Arkansas with her husband, three never stopping kids, two snooty cats, two very lazy bearded dragons, and one mellow turtle.  She is a member of the Ozark Romance Authors in Springfield, Missouri.  Whenever she’s not reading or writing, Brandy is spending her time outdoors wheeling, hiking, playing amateur photographer, and enjoying a good laugh.

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