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This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes, get into the nitty-gritty of the many paranormal worlds and enter into the fertile imaginations of authors I love. Bring a flashlight. It’s sometimes dark in here, but so worth the trip. Remember, monsters need love too. Otherwise, how would we ever have baby monsters?

Think on THAT a while…

New Psychopomp Cover Draft

Welcome, Author Angela Roquet! You’re getting ready to release PSYCHOPOMP, book 4 in your Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series.  Tell us a little bit about your story.  

If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s set in Limbo City, the very eclectic capital of the modern afterlife. My heroine, Lana Harvey, starts off as an underpaid peon working for Grim at Reapers Inc., harvesting low-risk souls. Throughout the series, Lana begins to climb the corporate ladder and gets dragged into the behind the scenes action of the Afterlife Council, a group composed of leaders (mostly deities) from all the world religions, who are actively trying to prevent war in Eternity. In book 4, Lana teams up with Grim’s new second-in-command to track down a god who’s been abducted by the rebel forces. But the rebels have some new players on their team, players that Lana has entrusted with some of her deepest and darkest secrets… among other things.

Do you consider your book(s) urban fantasy or paranormal romance? What attracted you to the genre?

I consider my books to be more urban fantasy than paranormal romance. There is romance, but it takes a backseat to the plot for the most part. I love this genre because of the action and unlimited, supernatural possibilities. I also enjoy how urban fantasy so often dips into comedy and horror, but it’s grounded in a familiar, urban setting that’s been infused with the paranormal.

Let’s talk beasties. Do any monsters make appearances in your novels. If so, tell us about a few of them. Do you have a favorite? Don’t lie. Every parent…erm…author…does. Spill it. If not, what makes your book paranormal, urban fantasy or science fiction?

There are all kinds of beasties in religion and mythology, so naturally, they’re in the Lanaverse as well! My favorites would have to be Lana’s hellhounds, Saul and Coreen. If we’re talking supernatural creatures in general… there are angels, demons, hellcats, furies, satyrs, gods, goddesses, devils, saints, nephilim, reapers, and more!

What does the future look like for this series? How many more books to come? What can we expect and more importantly…WHEN!

Book 4, PSYCHOPOMP, will be out next month. Then book 5, DEATH WISH, will be out early next year. I originally had 12 novels outlined for this series… but a few of the plot lines took a different turn and needed to be tied up sooner. So it’s looking more like 9 books now. Which is good, because I have two new series I’m working on, and my brain power can only be spread so thin. lol

What else are you working on?

I have an urban fantasy YA trilogy that’s heavily steeped in mythology (I’m just a sucker for the old myths!), and I’m also working on a new paranormal romance series made up of standalone titles all set in the same community. I’m also working on a short story for an anthology my critique group is putting together.

Of all the characters in your fictional word, which one or couple would you most like to hang out with over a long weekend? What would you do together? What actor or actress would play him/her in a movie?

Gawd, that is a hard one. Either Gabriel or Beelzebub. Not together though. They really don’t like each other. That could get awkward fast. In my head, Gabriel is always played by Owen Wilson. He’s goofy and charming and just wants to relax and have a good time. Jared Leto would be a perfect Beelzebub. He just emanates lustful mischief. There would probably be a swanky party involved with Beelzebub, but Gabriel would be more interested in a John Wayne marathon, pajama party.

Let’s talk about craft. Are you a plotter or pantser? What are the first steps you take before diving into the writing of the next book?

I’m a plotter. On the spectrum of 1 being full-on pantser, no idea what I’m doing, and 10 being a fifty page outline—I’m probably an 8. Before I write a book, I do a ton of reading. Mostly it’s mythology, religion, and books on totally useless facts. Don’t laugh—it really works for me. Then I write out the bigger, juicer scenes that come to me on large post-its. I arrange them on a poster board until they make some sort of sense. Then I fill out post-its with transitional, cause and effect scenes. I set up my manuscript with all the chapter headings and a 2-3 sentence description for each chapter. Then I’m off! I totally write out of order, but the outlining and prep work keeps me on track. Writing out of order also helps keep things a little spontaneous, which keeps my ADD muse happy too.

How long does it typically take for you to write a novel.  Best case scenario? How about editing? How long will you pick at it before setting it free to the world?

That varies a lot. Best case scenario? 2 months to write a book, another month to edit it. I don’t think I nitpick my own work too much. It’s hard to spot typos or plot holes after reading something for the tenth time. I usually have a handful of awesome beta readers check out the manuscript for me before releasing it. I’ve also been working with an online critique group for the last few months, and that’s been amazingly helpful too.

Do you have any advice to new authors or anyone considering writing fiction?

Read. Read. Read. I don’t think this can be repeated enough. If you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time to write. And you definitely don’t have the tools to write well. In addition to reading books in the genre you want to write, be sure to check out a few writing books too (on outlining, plot, character development, ect.). This will go a long way in structure and motivation. You’re going to need both.

Where can we find you and your books online? 

Website | Amazon | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads



Urban fantasy author Angela Roquet is a great big weirdo. She collects Danger Girl comic books, owls, skulls, and random craft supplies. Her obsessions include the Wizard of Oz, over-sweetened coffee, and all things Joss Whedon. She’s a fan of renewable energy, marriage equality, and religious tolerance. As long as whatever you’re doing isn’t hurting anyone, she’s a fan of you, too.

Angela lives in Sedalia, Missouri with her husband and son. When she’s not swearing at the keyboard, she enjoys painting, goofing off with her family and friends, and reading books that raise eyebrows.



Roquet Graveyard Shift


GRAVEYARD SHIFT, the first novel in Angela’s Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series, is now available for FREE on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.Kindle:

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  1. Sounds like a fun series – just downloaded the first book. Always love hearing about other Missouri authors!