A roundup of Haunt My Heart posts you may have missed

Whether you’ve already read the book or are interested in how it came to be, here’s a roundup of Haunt My Heart posts you may have missed.

Happy reading!

How a ghost hunt became a book

A ghost at Chatham Manor? The Lady in White and Haunt My Heart

Fallen and fettered in Haunt My Heart

Could magic win a war? Witchcraft and grimoires used in battle in Haunt My Heart

Secret codes and magic texts in Haunt My Heart

Ghostly encounters and spooky spectrums: A Civil War ghost gets a second chance in Haunt My Heart

Ghost scripts in Haunt My Heart: Love letters from the other side

Supernatural weapons and magical battles: Behind the scenes of war in Haunt My Heart

Virginia is for lovers. Haunt My Heart heats up Fredericksburg

Haunted Objects and Horrifying Hexes Haunt My Heart

A souvenir turns out to be much more in Haunt My Heart

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HauntMyHeartFinal (533x800) - CopyBook Description:

A Civil War soldier dies to save his men. Can he find true love to live again?

Sarah Knight has a job she’s good at, a quirky BFF, and a boyfriend who’s bad for her. When Sarah unearths a Civil War artifact on a ghost hunt at Chatham Manor, she brings home more than a souvenir.

Lieutenant James “Tanner” Dawson fought for the Union, working as a supernatural liaison for his Major General in a secret Masonic offset called the Brothers of Peril. When he’s hexed by a witch, he learns the only way to save his men is to die himself. But death is not the end. Awakening 150 years later, he knows if he wants to be corporeal again, he has to find true love to break the hex—a task no easier in 21st century than it was in the 19th.

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